How to Spinster Like a Pro On Your Bday

 Well, as you know, Monday was my birthday, and I spinstered it up big time in honor of myself. Today, in case your birthday is coming up soon (or in case you just want to take a day off work), I'm imparting to you the ways in which you can Spinster like a pro on your birthday with five easy steps!

1. Do your Morning Ritual - at your own pace:
          On the morning of your birthday, you should wake up at whatever time you like. It helps if you've taken the day off work to celebrate. I can't really sleep very late, so I made a morning of watching The Today Show, taking a leisurely shower, and picking an outfit to wear for my day. I felt the need to be fancy, so I wore a dress. But, on your birthday, you should wear exactly what you want. If that's a swimsuit, go for it. If it's a spider man costume, go for it. It's your day. You do what you want.

2. Have a fancy lunch or brunch:
          On my birthday, my lunch plans fell through, so I made a reservation for one at the Russian Tea Room because I'd always wanted to go. The ol' RTR didn't disappoint. I had a round booth to myself, and there were white tablecloths and white glove service. I ordered the Chicken Kiev at my waiter's suggestion, and I had a Darjeeling tea sweetened with sour cherry preserves after lunch. I felt fancy. It was a perfect birthday lunch.

3. Indulge in your favorite luxury:
          On the morning of my birthday, my mom said that one of my gifts was to go to Bendel's and have my makeup done. So, after lunch, I pranced myself over to Bendel's and let the first makeup artist snag me. I told him it was my birthday, and he was so excited. It was so fun. However, if that's not your thing, you could also do a mani-pedi or a massage. Or...pretty much anything else you want.

4. Have your cake:
          After my lunch at The Russian Tea Room, I needed to wait a moment before I had dessert. But, you could clearly have yours right after lunch or brunch. I had a special cupcake in mind, though, and it wasn't anywhere near the RTR. I wanted a Banana cupcake with peanut butter frosting from Butter Lane on east 7th street. Bonus: I saw Kelly Macdonald (of Boardwalk Empire and Gosfard Park fame) there and made a fool of myself. But maybe you're more of an ice cream or pie or fancy chocolate kind of lady. That should be your birthday dessert. Whatever you want.

5. Have another birthday at work:
          Of course you should fill your birthday with whatever kinds of things you want to do. For me, it was a little bit of eating, some shopping, a visit to an art store, a makeover, a cupcake, a celebrity sighting, and a few episodes of My Strange Addiction. For you, it may be something different. The point is I did whatever I wanted.
         Going back to work after such a magnificent day was tough, but the pile of home made key lime sandwich cookies my friend Chelsea had left on my desk certainly softened the blow! All around the cookies were birthday confetti and peanut butter snickers. My dream come true! Then, at 5pm, there were flowers and a cake! There's nothing better than two birthdays in one week! So, if you can manage a second birthday at work, I highly recommend it.

I hope that these five tips have given you an idea of how you might have a wonderfully spinsterly birthday when your time comes. Whether you follow my lead or not, though, the main thing is that you should do exactly what you want to do and nothing else.

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