Just some Spinstagramming

What!? No Illustration today!? Yes, I'm afraid it's true. However, after some discussion of Instagram yesterday at a vendor meeting, I thought it would be fun to share some photos from this Wednesday.

First, you'll find an image of the temporary cat tattoo my coworker from On Product Marketing gave me. I'm pretty excited about it, and I may need to put it on for my birthday, which is coming up very soon. There's a little bit of a glare here, but the tattoo reads "NOBODY PUTS KITTY IN A CORNER." Priceless. I cannot wait to have this on my body. Probably my wrist. Jonesing for some temporary cat tattoos? In addition to the brand in the photo, you can also find them on Etsy from Hello Harriet.

The Next Image you'll see here is actually the last image I took yesterday. I got off of the R train at Steinway street, and I saw there were workmen down on the tracks, painting bits and pieces of the mechanisms with bright yellow paint. Just at the exit, though, there was a big spill of white paint, with these little strings of white going toward the exit. I debated about whether to photograph this or video it. In the end, I thought it would make a cool composition for a still photo.

The next and last image for today is actually a video. I stopped at the Anthropologie in Rockefeller Center last night on the way home from a vendor meeting/party, but to my surprise, the entrances to the M train were closed at Rock center. So, I had to walk toward Times Square. While I don't think this is any kind of wonderful video quality, It does show how Times Square looks from just outside, by the Superdry store. I especially like how, for some reason, my phone decided it wasn't going to focus in one of the last little clips.

Happy thursday!

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