Summer Looks: As Seen in New York

So, we're four days into August, and I think I've seen enough of all the ladies' summer attire to make a call on what I've been seeing most around the city. Firstly, I must say they're all starting to make me feel a bit old, especially this first one.

The first look I think I'd call very "festival," as in very much what the girls wear at music festivals like Coachella or  Bonnaroo. The main body for this look includes a crop top - most often black or white crochet with a neon bandeau bra underneath - with high-waisted light wash cutoff jean shorts. Bonus points if they're vintage Levi's with a little bit of pocket bag showing and a slight diagonal slanting up toward the outside of the legs.

The accessories here are key; we'll start at the top. First there's a thin headband worn across the forehead.  Just below the headband are the Clubmaster shaped sunglasses in a tortoise or a fun color, maybe even a floral print. Next is the crossbody bag with fringe at the flap. Most likely suede in a tan or black color. The arm party, or stack of bracelets is key to the festival girl. These should be a mix of friendship bracelets, bangles, beaded bracelets, and something with a tassel. The look is finished off with minimal flat sandals, potentially with a pop of neon or metallic. This look isn't for the faint of heart or the self-conscious of body.

The next look is a bit dressier and more forgiving. The main body consists of an elastic-waisted dress, cut in at the shoulders and pitched at the hem. The top is usually double-layered, while the bottom is sheer over a shorter, opaque skirt.

Braids have been huge this summer and, in fact, ever since The Hunger Games came out. While this look isn't always topped off with a braid, it's definitely a trend-appropriate option, especially if you have long hair.

Beneath the hair are some modern, oversized cat eye sunglasses like these delicious beauties from Prada. To die for. Next is the beaded tassel necklace, anywhere from just above the bust to just below the waist. The punchier the colors, the better!

Convertible backpacks have also been really big this season. They come with either convertible straps, or a large top loop so they can be carried as over the shoulder bags as well. These are great for summer travel and carrying an extra bottle of water. And, of course, snacks.

Lastly, and I must say I don't quite get this choice for warm weather, are close-toed lace up boots. Yikes! that seems really hot, but there you have it. They're all over the place.

Well, now that it's been all doodled out for you with my trusty black ball point pen, you can either go out and get these outfits and wear them on repeat, or you can make a game of how many times you see them today. Enjoy!

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