Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Surprise Portrait: Katie Chandler

Surprise! It's a portrait of my friend and fellow single lady, Katie Chandler! Katie and I grew up in the same neighborhood but didn't really meet until high school. But now it's  been over ten years, and Katie is lovelier now than ever. 

Along with having participated in my favorite high school pastime, photo shoots, Katie admits to having worn one lightening bolt earring in college and is my co-pinner on the "true spinsta for real" pin board on Pinterest. She also harbors a deep love for cats, kittens, and Buzzfeed and is the one who introduced me to #myfriendsaremarried. How could I ever repay her? I'm starting with a surprise portrait. 

Should Katie and I remain spinsters for the rest of our days, we have plans to purchase adjoining town homes with secret doors for our cats so they can be friends. Until then, I suppose we'll continue watching Netflix together long distance. 

Today's portrait was made in photoshop using a photo I stalkerishly downloaded from Katie's facebook as a reference. There's no way to do justice to how blue her eyes are, though, so you'll just have to imagine.