Tee Shirt Week - Art Nouveau Spinster Tee

Ok, so today's image is a little bit of a cheat. I originally made this image as one of the options for the #meetaglipher article Glipho did on me. I like it, though. So, I made it a shirt. With the WGSN article saying more and more women are unabashed to be single, independent women who may or may not end up getting married, The Spinster tee is a great way to sport your spinster pride!

Where will you wear this tee!?  Well, for one thing, you can wear it anywhere you think there will be single men. It's a conversation starter. Not into meeting single men? Never want to speak to them? Well, I understand. They can be pretty awful. You can wear it when you're ordering takeout, watching netflix, eating pizza for breakfast, using paper plates, having a manicure, shopping for jewelry, family reunions, high school reunions, eating entire boxes of doughnuts, or hanging out with your your girls. I mean, the possibilities are really endless.

The real question here is where should you not wear the spinster tee. Well, you probably shouldn't wear it to your wedding. Other than that, I think you're probably ok.

Check out the Art Nouveau Spinster Tee here at the Zazzle Spinster Store among all the other tees you've seen this week! More tomorrow!

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