Tee Shirt Week: Kittens on the Brain

As a spinster, or just a regular person, really, I spend a lot of time thinking about kittens. I can't get them out of my mind. I think about kittens all the time. And then one day, I realized that the shape of a sleeping kitten actually resembled that of a brain. So, of course, how could I not put this thought into imagery? 

Do you have kittens on the brain? Then today's might be for you. 

Where should you wear the "Kittens on the Brain" tee? Well, some places that come to my mind are the ASPCA, a pet supply store, the library (where a lot of spinsters hang out), and should you be in asia, I think this is the perfect thing to wear to a cat cafe. 

If you're a cat lady, then I don't need to tell you where you should wear a cat tee or why you would want one. You already know both these things. So, check out the Kittens on the Brain tee at the Zazzle Spinster Store, and fill your brain with more kittens.

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