I ate a skinny cow mint ice cream sandwich for dinner tonight. It had been that kind of day. And when you're a spinster, you get to make decisions like that. Even if they are low in calories. 

Teresa was a magnificent angel throughout the entire key ordeal. In the end, because of the wonderful works of Twitter, I was able to contact Mac the Cheese Food Truck, who put me in contact with Happy Belly food truck, who had my keys. Teresa, bless her pea pickin' heart, drove me all the way to Cumming, Ga, to pick up the keys from one of the Happy Belly employees. He refused to be compensated. If you ever see a happy belly truck when you're in Georgia, please at least buy a drink. These are really excellent t people. 

Annnd. I shall have real Internet on Monday of next week! Hopefully blog posts will be more interesting and spinsterly once I can think and type properly again. 

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