I'm Back...well, sort of.

As promised, it is Thursday, and I have returned. There has, however, been a slight kink in my plans. Yesterday was supposed to be the day Comcast came to hook up my Internet , but because if a clerical error, I will now be without Internet until Monday. Sigh. That means I'm going to be writing from this amazing iPhone which has ensured my safe passage throughout Atlanta for the past six days. Really, how did we ever get anywhere without smart phones?

As for Atlanta, I must report that despite my little tiff with Comcast, I am quite enjoying myself. The moment I walked into my new apartment for the first time I did, literally, squeal. There's so much space. At the top of this post you'll see a photo of how far away my oven is, and if you follow me on Instagram, you know that one of the happiest things I've discovered is that I now take my showers in a bathroom where, unlike my apartment(s) in New York, it is impossible for me to stand in the bathtub while also brushing my teeth at the sink. 

Additionally there's the matter of the pool in my apartment complex. I actually went for a swim in a swimming pool yesterday for the first time in recent memory. Needless to say, I feel like I'm getting away with something somehow, even though this is clearly all on the up and up. How can people live this way and get away with it? Well, I intend to find out. By becoming one of them. 

I had hoped to share some new gifs I've been working on, but until I can use my computer in tandem with the Internet, I'm afraid they'll have to wait. 

One last note: I did a very spinsterly thing yesterday and bought my very first washer and dryer at the sears outle in Tucker. I felt like a real adult. And then I felt like a real spinster for bring so excited. 

Until tomorrow, my spinsters. Please forgive all typos and weird formatting. I'm working in an app. It doesn't give me as many editing options. 

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