Moms are The Best...Especially My Mom

No, it's not Mother's Day. You're safe. However my mom is here in Atlanta helping me move in - nay, actually moving me in - and I feel like I'm getting the biggest gift ever. Yesterday I came home, and she had unpacked the lion's share of the boxes already. The movers had only been there a couple of hours earlier. If she wasn't here to help me, and I had to come home from work and unpack some 50 boxes, I don't think I'd ever unpack. It's overwhelming.

Now, before you think that my mom's just being a mom, let me tell you this: She even helps people who aren't her children move into their new places. My friend Katherine said that when she moved into her first adult apartment, she had to go to a two hour class, and when she got back, my mom and her mom had completely unpacked and decorated her new home. The woman is a machine.

My new mattress isn't here yet, but the one for the guest room is. And, after a day of hard physical labor, my mom actually felt bad that I was going to sleep on the sofa. I think that of the two of us, she deserved a bed a lot more than I did.

There is a woman here in Atlanta that my mom hooked me up with when I came down to look for apartments. She really took care of me. she cooked me dinner, gave me a guest room, and then she made me breakfast! That woman, Michele, said that she wanted to be my mom when she grew up. I suppose after this entry, that shouldn't surprise you. I'd don't know if I'll be exactly her when I grow up (that would be weird since we look so much alike), but if I'm half as helpful, I think I'll have done ok.

And, in a side note, Hastings is so tired from the move, he can't even get up off the floor. (see photo)

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