Not a Morning Person

I may wake up early, but that doesn't mean I'm a morning person. I need about an hour to myself in the morning just to sit, eat, and be by myself before I can communicate with anyone. That's why, when I heard Proverbs 27:14, I was especially happy. As far back as when Proverbs was written (and, let's be honest, probably before that), there have been people who don't like to speak in the morning. to us, even blessings seem like curses.

Does this sound familiar? Are you a person who likes to be left alone in the morning? Then maybe you need the Proverbs Morning Mug. One side has the bible verse, and the other side has an illustration of my very own exhausted and sleep-dulled face. It's the perfect way to (semi-) subtly tell that person in your life who always insists on talking to you the moment they see you're awake, or the moment you get to the office.

Check out this mug and a bunch of other silly Spinsterhood Diaries-Related stuff at the Zazzle Spinster Store.

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