Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Weekend in Entertainment Review

laughing-girl, laughing-hard, dying-laughing, die-laughing, so-funny
Now, I know it's Thursday, and we're almost ready for another wonderful weekend. However, I feel I need to take a moment for reviewing all the entertainment I consumed last weekend in order to advise you if you are considering any of the same things for your own weekend. So, below you'll find some meditations on the movies and tv shows I saw in a weekend more full of entertainment than usual.

1. Penguins in Imax
          On Friday night, my friend Megan and I attended a Halloween party at Fernbank Museum of Natural History whose cover charge included the screening of an Imax movie. We chose to see Penguins, and we were not disappointed. The movie was about King Penguins, but the Elephant Seals really stole the show. Should I find myself with some free googling time this weekend, I fully plan on watching more videos of Elephant Seals. They're so gross and hilarious and, of course, fat. The bottom line: Recommended.

2. The Counselor
          With its all star cast and action-filled previews, I had been looking forward to seeing The Counselor. With a star-studded cast boasting names like Cameron Diaz, Penelope Cruz, Brad Pitt, and Javier Bardem, just to name a few, how could it be bad? Well, apparently it could be. Maybe I was just not focusing properly, but I was unsure of what was going on for more than half the movie. Furthermore, the characters would give these monologues that were supposed to tell you something about them and their world views - and they did - but I failed to see how this really was necessary when they could have showed us instead of telling us. However, Cameron Diaz looked like a fantastic cheetah in this movie. Hair, Makeup, wardrobe - everything except her gold tooth (yeah, she has a gold tooth...) was excellent. However, the bottom line is: Not Recommended.

3. Weeds
          Recently, I started re-watching Weeds, not realizing I had seen all but the final season. While I think most of the characters - excluding Sylas and Shane - are really silly and somewhat annoying, drug lords are always fascinating. This weekend, though, I finally watched the last season, and I just have to say: fail. After all the crazy antics, bad decisions, and serious problems in this show, the last season really did not impress. In case you haven't seen it, I will not go further, but I just...I was disappointed. The bottom line: If you've gotten far enough to see the last season, you might as well watch it. Jut know it'll be a disappointment. However, if you haven't watched Weeds, I have to say Breaking Bad is a way, way better drug-related TV Show, and I recommend that over Weeds.

4. Edward Norton on SNL
          On a regular day, I really don't think much about Edward Norton. After this past weekend's episode of SNL, though, I think it's safe to say we're dating. In my mind. Edward Norton was actually Hilarious. Especially the Possum sketch. I don't know why, but that really tickled my funny bone. And who knew Edward Norton was funny? The bottom line: Recommended.

5. The 5th Estate:
          I know everyone loves Benedict Cumberbatch, but his face kind of freaks me out. It had to be said. Now that that's been said, though, the movie was pretty good. It follows the format we're seeing with most of the tech-related movies, though, in that you've got a couple of guys working together, they have a disagreement, and then it's the story as told by the guy who got pushed out. I'm sorry if that ruined the movie for you, but then again, it is based on real life events, and you may have already known that. Bottom Line: Recommended, if you like current events/tech movies.

6. America's Funniest Home Videos:
          Of course this show is not new. In fact, it's quite old. However, it has become part of my Sunday night ritual to fold laundry while watching America's Funniest Home Videos, or AFV as it likes to call itself now. I mean, I don't think I have to tell you this show is hilarious. I'm pretty sure you've seen it. There's just something about the fact that this stuff really happened and someone caught it on video that makes it eternally hilarious. Not every single video is hilarious, though. There are those ones where you can tell they were staged, and no one likes those. Well, except the ones where someone gets tricked or scared. But the best, of course, are the ones where someone falls down. Falling into water is always excellent. Falling at weddings, also good. But again, I'm sure I don't need to tell you this. The bottom line: Highly Recommended. I don't care how silly it is or how much of a senior citizen it makes me. This show is still good.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Some Thoughts on Atlanta Traffic

atlanta-traffic, angry-driver, bad-traffic, traffic
Moving from New York, everyone warned me about how terrible the traffic in Atlanta is. People warned me about the commute and rush hour. They warned me about driving on the Perimeter. They warned me that, statistically, Atlanta is one of the worst places to drive in the United States. Needless to say, I have approached driving here with a due amount of trepidation. And I must say, driving has not been as bad as I had imagined. However, the things that have made traffic a little rough are different than I would have thought.

For one thing, drivers in Atlanta rarely see fit to use their blinkers. Whether they're actually turning left at an intersection or changing lanes on 85, they just expect their fellow motorists to read their minds. This leave me in continual fear that changing lanes may lead to an early-mornign collision, even though I'm warning everyone of my actions with my blinker.

Even with the absence of blinkers, though, the morning commute is never really a problem. Sure, it's slow going, but that doesn't really scare me. What's really scary is traveling the highways of Atlanta when traffic is actually moving at full speed. Add to this the erratic movements of others and the seemingly sudden endings of lanes, and I'm a nervous wreck. So, really, I prefer to do most of my driving in rush hour, at a whopping five miles per hour.

Aside from my nervousness, though, driving conditions are causing another reaction in my vehicle. I find myself making moral judgements about my fellow motorists based on their driving behaviors. A person who, during the commute they make every day, stays in the lane they know will end until it actually does, forcing others to let them in at the las, inconvenient moment, is clearly an entitled child who thinks everyone will just accommodate them and their selfish behavior. Those who nose their way into your lane when there isn't a space for them are the same way. People who clog up the turn-only lane by going straight when there's a turn-only arrow are thinking of no one but themselves.

I could go on, but I'm sure the people to whom I'm ascribing these evil personalities are actually nice people who just are paying less attention than they should be. And, the truth is, as crazy as Atlanta traffic is, I'm still extremely happy to have a car when I go to the grocery store and to no longer feel like I live in the airport. I do, however, miss my subway reading time. I need to figure out how to get that back.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Spinster Food: Eggs in a Nest

It's no secret that I love breakfast at any time of day, and recently I found myself in possession of some eggs that needed to be used sooner rather than later. Breakfast for dinner! I googled how to make eggs in a nest, and then I decided I'd try my own interpretation, and I thought I'd share! It's so easy, and I  think it's excellent for spinsters and non-spinsters alike. I only wish I'd had a little arugula salad with some home made vinaigrette on the side.

What You'll need:

- Two Pieces of Bread (I like Nature's Own "Healthy Multi Grain." I feel like it has a nice texture. But, I can only imagine how nice this would be with brioche)
- Two Eggs
- Salt, Pepper, Garlic, Cayenne Pepper
- Butter
- A Glass
- A Frying Pan
- Salsa
- Tapatio

What to do:
1. Crack Two eggs into a small mixing bowl.

2. Add Salt, Pepper, Garlic, and Cayenne Pepper...just however much you think you'll want. I also added cheese, but I think it made this recipe a little richer than maybe it should have been. You can be the judge on that one.

3. Scramble.

4. With a juice glass or biscuit cutter if you have one, cut a hole out of the center of each piece of bread. The thinner the piece of bread, the larger the hole you'll need. If you're using some nice, thick bread, you may only need to tear a little hole.

5. Melt some butter in your frying pan. Make sure it doesn't burn, but it should melt and then just barely start to sizzle.

6. Place one of your pieces of bread flat into the pan.

7. Pour half the eggs into the hole in the toast. It may overflow a little, but that's ok. It'll still taste good.

8. When the eggs start to get a little firm, this is when you'll want to, in one swift movement, turn the bread over to cook the other side.

9. If you want to make absolutely sure your eggs are done, you can flip the toast a few more times. Just don't let it burn!

10. Repeat this process with the other piece of bread, adding a little more butter before your start the process over.

11. Toast the little round pieces you cut out of the centers of your bread.

12. When all is toasted up, add a few spoonfuls of chunky salsa on top of the eggs in a nest, and cover the salsa with the toast rounds. Sprinkle a little Tapatio on there to add a little spice, and voila! Eggs in a Nest a-la spinster.

But maybe you should have a salad with yours...I think it needs a little greenery.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Illustration Friday: Creature

This week's Illustration Friday topic is "Creature." As such, of course I had to draw the ol' goatee rex. It's a tyrannosaurus rex with the head of a goat.

Of course this isn't really a real animal, but it was inspired by two things: 1. My recent trips to Walmart and Atlanta area flea markets, where I saw some pretty awesome plastic dinosaurs, and 2. My brother's imitation of a goat eating the food at the petting zoo last time I was home. So, clearly, there needed to be a mashup.

And also, did you know that goats have rectangular pupils? That really kind of freaks me out.

And another word on goats: I was talking to my dad the last time I was home, and he told me that in Pinewood, SC, there was a man who had goats in his yard. My grandfather apparently thought this man was absolutely genius and described his lifestyle as "perpetual motion." The brilliance of the whole setup was this: The goats ate the grass in the front yard, and when the man threw out his trash, the goats ate that, too. Then, the goats had little baby goats (kids), and the man sold the offspring and made money. So, the goats were doing absolutely nothing but benefitting their owner. I wonder if he also drank their milk and made goat cheese.

So, there you have it. The goatee rex. Happy Monday!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Gift Guide for the Spinster Who Loves to Lounge

With this gift guide, you will benefit from my personal experience as a spinster who does, indeed, love to lounge. Unlike the last two gift guides, I think this one would benefit from a little explanation. 

1. Fancy Faux Fur Slippers: Betsey Johnson, $34.00
          I don't usually wear slippers, but these are what I imagine a lady of leisure would wear. It always helps to have a little something fancy schmancy when you're sitting like a veal on the sofa.

2. Snow Shine Sock: American Eagle Outfitters, $7.95
          Neon with fair isle. Perfect if you, unlike I, have cold feet.

3. Godiva Truffle Flight: Godiva, $16.00
          Aside from a Domino's Pizza Gift Card, I think this is the best little spinster tv-watching treat you could give. It's a little box full of different flavored chocolate. 

          If you haven't seen it, you need to get on that. This box set will provide hours of spinsterly delight, where the women are both good and getting things done.

5. Orange Quatrefoil Lapper Tray: $29.98
          This has little silicone circles on it to keep plates and cups from slipping around. I have one, and I use it all the time. It's great for both the couch and the bed.

6. Terry-Trimmed Robe: Anthropologie, $98.00
          Every spinster needs a robe. This one looks pretty good, especially with the terry trimming. Absorbency is key.

7. Lace Trim Modal Gown: Gap, $39.95
          I have the striped version of this gown, and I absolutely love it. The fabric is soft, and the straps are adjustable. Perfection.

8. Feather Down Euro Pillow: Crate and Barrel, $59.95
          I'm sure you can find a cheaper version of this at Marshalls or TJ Maxx. Whatever version you decide to buy, I find they're the best way to sit up in bed and watch TV. You'll need a euro sham, but these giant pillows are excellent.

9. Boscia Mask Medley: Sephora, $38.00
          There's nothing like a good facial mask. And this is three different kinds!

10. Favorite Throw - Stripe: West Elm, $29.00
          If you're going to intentionally fall asleep on the sofa, you're going to need a blanket, and it might as well be cute. So, grab that giant pillow, and snuggle up!

          After you watch Anne of Green Gables, you're going to need something else to watch. So, grab a Roku or one of its competitors, and stream that Netflix, girl. Stream it! 

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Gift Guide: Oh, Man!

Today is the second of my much-too-early holiday gift guides. Even though I'm a spinster, there are still  several men in my family, and I always have trouble figuring out what to get them for Christmas. While today's gift guide may not necessarily fit into their specific tastes, it's a start. I've focused mostly on fashion items and technology, but I hope to have something else before the actual holiday season arrives!

1. Cork Bifold Wallet: Vans, $18.00

2. Fleece Chukka Decon: Vans, $70.00

3. Wireless Bamboo Keyboard: West Elm, $69.00

4. Plaid Tie: American Eagle Outfitters, $17.95

5. Holga Lens iphone case: Urban Outfitters, $30.00

6. Canvas Duffle Backpack: Urban Outfitters, $49.00

7. Fuji Film Instax Mini 8 Instant Film Camera: Amazon, $59.95

8. Solar Powered Iphone Charger: Amazon, $19.99

9. Block Wool Sock: Happy Socks, $20.00

10. Mini Wooden Speaker: Uncommon Goods $42.00

11. Camo Van Doren Slip On: Vans, $55.00

Friday, October 25, 2013

Gift Guide: Black and Gold

Everyone thinks that Christmas decorations  coming out in stores before Halloween is too soon. I can't say I disagree, but that doesn't stop me from doing a little online holiday shopping research. In fact, as a fashion designer, I'm pretty much always online shopping. It's one of the things I do for my job. However, I do get really excited when the holiday gift guides start coming out on the blogs.

So, today, even though I know it's too early for most everyone but me, I decided to share the first of my Holiday gift guides, and I hope you enjoy!

1. Sequin Chiffon Tank: Aerie, $34.95

2. Keyboard Shortcut Pencils: oneup designs, $6.00

3. Threshold Jewelry Box: Target, $29.99

4. Glitter Sneaker: Keds for Kate Spade New York, $80.00

5. oh my gold! Nail Decals: Essie $10.25

6. Gold Heart Stickers: Knotandbow, $4.00

7. 100 Years of Fashion Illustration: Amazon, $27.29

8. Woodland Park Cat/Dog Coaster Set: Kate Spade, $40.00

9. as gold as it gets nail polish: Essie $8.50

10. Sleeping Bear Bank: Urban Outfitters $18.00

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Wedding Weekend Spinstering II: Part 3

holding-a-sparkler, girl-holding-a-sparkler, bridesmaid, bridesmaids
At 1pm, all the bridesmaids reported to the parlor of First Baptist Church of Sumter, SC. In our matching shirts and makeupless faces, we all ate from the cheese plate Meredith's Mom had brought as if we hadn't just left the luncheon. Meredith had had the brilliant idea of having a makeup artist for all of us, and while I waited for my turn, I saw each bridesmaid transformed one by one.

When it was my turn, I realized I had gone to high school with the makeup artist, and she was quite improved. This boded well for my face. As it turned out, this girl was a total magician. She even applied false eyelashes, and I must say, I quite liked them. I even got a little hair makeover as well, which I had not expected but was entirely welcome.

When we were all primped and ready, it was time to get dressed and take some pictures. Because of an earlier incident with a bandeau that was, perhaps, a bit too old, I decided to stow the black straps to my brazier inside the bodice of my dress. I looked awkward, but my hair covered most of it.

The shoes I'd purchased certainly were not Birkenstocks, nor did they feel like anything of the sort. And, in addition, my years of walking in New York have left me with gnarled feet and an inability to walk properly in heels. So, when it came time for me to walk down the aisle, I sort of...stalked down its center in a wobbly fashion.

Meredith looked absolutely beautiful walking down the aisle, and for a brief moment, I forgot the throbbing bunion on my left foot. That's right, I'm an old lady with a bunion. And I was the only single bridesmaid.

The wedding ceremony was performed by a Presbyterian minister in the Southern Baptist church in which I grew up. As such, I was a little surprised when he started giving a sort of sermon to the bride and groom as the stood before him at the top of the marble steps. I thought for sure it would be brief, but as the speech continued and the minister drove his points home one, two, and three times, my feet began to tell me I was wrong. I started shifting back and forth from foot to foot while I plotted the minister's demise, and just when I was about to settle on a method, he announced the married couple.

The Silver Fox led me down the aisle while I leaned heavily on his arm, planning an impromptu amputation of my feet as soon as I was out of sight. Instead, I rushed to my car and slipped on my backup shoes and my bra straps and a pashmina to cover up the bra straps, and I teetered over to the O'Donnell house to be announced as part of the wedding party.

The reception was excellent, with spring rolls and things wrapped in bacon, and mushrooms stuffed with meat, and a photo booth! I love when weddings have photo booths, especially when they print extra copies. And, thanks to Courtney the makeup artist, my face looked great in all of those copies we got.

The evening ended with sparklers and the bride and groom driving off into the night. My sparkler burned down, and I headed home to get very barefoot. All I can do now is wait to hear about how my lingerie shower gift went over.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Wedding Weekend Spinstering II: Part 2

bettie-paige-dress, giggling, bridesmaid, funny
The bridesmaid's luncheon was held at my childhood home, and the only dress that would fit over my chunk sitch was a little dressier than perhaps it should have been. So, to dress it down a little, I just threw my hair up in a wet bun. Ok, so maybe the wet hair had more to do with laziness and running out of time, but I think it aided in toning down an ensemble that could've otherwise made others feel uncomfortable.

Ginger Jones brought her silver biscuit holder, and Cindy James brought some amazing quiches. Ginger Jones had cut all the grapes in perfect halves, lengthwise. Somehow that felt infinitely fancier than just regular grapes. The menu was as follows: coffee cake, yogurt with fruit and granola, quiche, asparagus, and miniature round biscuits. A mixture of Cranberry and orange juices was served out of sterling silver cups from a sterling tray as all the guests arrived, and everyone congregated in the living room.

To get everything started, Ginger Jones had had a bunch of photos enlarged and printed on foam core board. Each bridesmaid had submitted a photo of herself and Meredith that had some sort of significant meaning to her. As a means of further explaining Meredith in her real splendor, each bridesmaid stood up and explained to the rest of the guests (which included several members of the groom's family) why she loved Meredith and what the photo stood for. I'm pretty sure she'll have mine framed in a gilt frame. And yes, I did make that joke at the luncheon as well.

The bridesmaids were seated at the dining room table, and the course of conversation had much to do with how long everyone had been dating before they got engaged. When all the food had been consumed - I, for one, had eaten at least three of those mini biscuits - it was time for some gifts! Meredith had had button down shirts monogrammed with each of her bridesmaids' initials. They were the perfect thing to wear while we readied ourselves for the wedding later that day.

My mom's cats, Kate and Coco, love the dining room chairs, and when we all rose to leave, everyone looked as if they had a severe body hair problem on our hind quarters only. I had a welcome little giggle at all the non-spinsters' expense.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Wedding Weekend Spinstering II: Part 1

ok, sorry, don't-worry-about-it
This past weekend, one of my favorite spinsters actually got married, turning in her spinsterhood membership. I travelled home on Thursday evening for the bachelorette party which, because my sister and I were hosting, was clearly a tame affair. We ate a dinner so garlic-y and delicious we were safe from Vampires all night. My friend Virginia, I hear, was also safe from her new husband who nearly made her sleep on the couch with that breath.

Dinner was followed by a Meredith-themed scavenger hunt and then lots of chocolate desserts and a lingerie shower. I'm proud to say my gift made Meredith laugh so hard she cried. And it wasn't even raunchy.

The next day was rehearsal day, and it started out with brunch and mani-pedis. My sister's manicurist was a girl named Jaja who was by all accounts thicker than a snickers. She wore a shirt that was half solid and half fishnet with galaxy printed leggings. While I thoroughly enjoyed my manicure and pedicure, the best part was when Jaja told me she thought I was twenty years old and that my sister was my mother. I meannnn....I just had to share that.

I learned my lesson from Virginia's rehearsal dinner and wore a more modest ensemble to Meredith's rehearsal. And, what's this!? I was matched with a Ken Doll of a Silver Fox, and he wasn't wearing a wedding ring! Things were looking up! We stood there, and I instagrammed (re: spinstergrammed) everything until the moment we were to join and walk back down the aisle. At this point, I discovered that my silver fox was, in fact, one of those married men who doesn't wear a wedding ring. Furthermore, he was married to the groom's sister. Fail.

The rehearsal dinner was at a log cabin venue called Cain's Mill where I remember my dad had his fortieth birthday party. That night, I had worn my pajamas under my regular clothes, and I was both sleepy and too warm. But, that's not what we're talking about today.

In the center of the first room was a spread of barbecue and sides. There were rolls, cole slaw, baked macaroni, hash and rice, and a giant pile of pulled pork. I knew I would eat it all, but thankfully for everyone else, I ended up near the back of the line. Some other people got some food, too.

I sat next to the two groomsmen who were actually single at dinner, but they weren't all that chatty. They're really into cycling, and I'm really into...Netflix. One of them did, however, impart that his tuxedo was actually sized for a child. His beard, though, was not child-sized, but rather long enough for a proper Tolkein dwarf.

I had two desserts, which I'm guessing you won't find surprising. At first I had a brownie, but when I realized they had a pig pickin' cake, I had to have some of that pineapple-y deliciousness.

Before the cake, though, I got the best treat of the night. One of Mere's friends from Law School is married to author Wiley Cash, whose book I read last year. My mom had already met him and said he was absolutely delightful and easy to talk to, so of course I subjected him to some of my own mindless prattle. He was, as my mom described, completely friendly and willing to discuss his upcoming book tour and all other sorts of things. The only thing was that I told him I had stalked him when what I really meant was that I had read his author information page...he seemed unfazed, though. So, at least there's that.

Having gotten my full dose of celebrity and married men for the night, my sister and I retired to our home to eat a few more milk duds that had been left over from the lingerie shower. The next day would be full of more treats for my chunk sitch and more men with wedding rings.

Monday, October 21, 2013

I think I just got old.

roller-coaster-screaming, dangerous-state-fair-rides, scared, terrified
The whole time I lived in New York, I wanted to go to a fair. I wanted to look at the quilts and the weird little dolls in crochet dresses. I wanted to eat a fried Snickers and a corn dog. The whole time I was in New York, though, I only went to a fair once, and while I did have a fried strawberry pop tart, it wasn't quite the same. So yesterday on the way back to Atlanta, I made my dream come true. I went to the South Carolina State Fair with my friend Kelly.

After a stroll through the arts and crafts and produce and petting zoo and Kelly's eating a foot long corn dog, Kelly and I decided the trip to the State Fair wouldn't be complete if we didn't go on any of the rides. We bought three tickets each and chose an orange and purple light-up spinning monstrosity. While we waited in line, it really didn't seem bad at all. No problem. We'd been on stuff like this before. Hundreds of times. Maybe even thousands. 

Once we boarded the orange and purple spinner, though, things seemed a little different. We sat there while everyone else was seated, I sort of wedged my zipped bag between myself and the bar that holds you into the ride. Then, the ride started. While it got faster, all I could think about was how the guy hadn't checked my bar. And then, I was worried I'd lose my glasses. And then the girl across from Kelly and me said something about being worried she would soil her pants. And when I was upside down, I was sure I would fall out of the ride at any moment. Kelly never even opened her eyes.

When the ride was over, I couldn't have been happier. This time it hadn't really been that kind of fun fear people go on those rides for. I actually was afraid for my life. Once we were safely off the ride, I knew I'd never go on a fair ride again. And Kelly said all she kept thinking the whole time is how people actually die on those rides. 

And then we realized...we must be old now.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Hooray for One Whole Year!

Today, dear spinsters, marks one year of The Spinsterhood Diaries. Because of this blog, in the past year I've learned how to make gifs, experimented with kraft paper drawing, travelled to London to meet the Glipho Team, started drawing in photoshop, and met some pretty fun people. I've thoroughly enjoyed myself, and while I'm both unsurprised and a little disappointed to still be a spinster, I think writing this blog has made me really appreciate some of the best things about being a single lady. That, and it made me feel a little more productive while I watch ridiculous amounts of Netflix.

In celebration of this milestone, and for my own enjoyment, I (sort of hastily) put together a book of my favorite illustrations from the year. Ok, ok...I didn't edit out many. The book has over 150 illustrations, and i can't wait for it to get here!

The Spinsterhood Diaries: Year One should be arriving on my doorstep within two weeks...and on my mom's doorstep around that time, too. That's one of the best things about moms, really. You can always count on them to be excited for you. And a spinster needs that.

Hooray for one year of spinstering like a champ! Check out The Spinsterhood Diaries: Year One on

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Stiletto Rainbow Mug

So, your mom texted me this morning via snap chat, and she said that she really wished she was drinking her coffee from a mug bearing stiletto heels in the colors of the rainbow. What else could I do but oblige? 

Firstly, how did your mom know about snap chat? I don't even have snap chat, and somehow she snap chatted me a photo of her sitting at the breakfast table in her zip-front robe, boring coffee mug in hand. 

Secondly, how did she get my number? Oh, right. We hung out when she was here for Labor Day. We went to a picnic at the the Teamsters' union hall. I thought it was strange, but that's where she wanted to meet.

I think your mom is having her shower now, though, because she hasn't responded to my texts that this mug is ready for her! Anyway, if you talk to your mom before I do, just let her know that The Stiletto Rainbow Mug is available on the Zazzle Spinster Store now.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Songs for Mere's Wedding Weekend

Today is the start of my dear friend and college roommate (well, one of six) Meredith's wedding weekend. I know, I know, we interviewed her as a spinster a while back, but in my defense, she wasn't engaged at that point, and if there's anything my experience has taught me it's...your'e single until you aren't anymore. I'm sure that sounds like I'm promoting scandalous behavior, but I'm just utilizing that philosophy to excuse myself from having interviewed someone as a spinster who I had no idea would become engaged some six months later.

Now, enough of my babbling. As you know, Meredith will be a unicorn for her wedding. Today we'll be doing all sorts of rehearsing and eating, so I thought it was the time to introduce the playlist I made for this weekend. Some of the songs are really lovely and romantic, and others are...more fun.

To listen blindly, click here.

The Playlist:

1. "Goin' to the Chapel" - The Shirelles
2. "L.O.V.E" - Nat King Cole
3. "Let's Stay Together" - Al Green
4. "Wifey" - Next
5. "Mine" - Taylor Swift
6. "This I Promise You" - *NSync
7. "Wifey" 0 Chris Brown
8. "Unforgettable" - Natalie Cole with Nat King Cole
9. "At Last" - Etta James
10. "This Will Be (an Everlasting Love)" - Natalie Cole

Happy Wedding Weekend!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Ballet Flats Mug

So, as you all know, I am thoroughly obsessed with Zazzle and the Zazzle Spinster Store. As such, I have, of course, added a new item to the zazzle spinster store that I'd like to share!

When I did the "Flats and Specs" Mug, I was a little sad that I couldn't use any fun fills on the flats or the specs. So, today I wanted to have a more colorful mug for all the shoe-loving ladies out there. I know, this doesn't exactly have anything to do with being a spinster, but I do like to have a nice mug for my tea, and I do like cute shoes.

So, Check out the Ballet Flats Mug at the Zazzle Spinster Store

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Gif Vandal

miley-cyrus-with-a-mustache, valdanlized-miley, groucho-miley, vandalization-gif, miley's-tongue, why-does-miley-stick-out-her-tongue
I liked making Monday's post so much that I thought I'd reprise the same sort of idea but, as blogger Tom Coppinger suggested, in the way people vandalize photos. And really, who better to vandalize than Miley?

Now, we all know I love Miley, but I couldn't resist. This facial expression was ripe for vandalization. And, yes, I am aware that there are quite a few missed opportunities here. I'm just gonna be real, I'm a little busier at my job in Atlanta than I'd expected I would be. Hopefully I'll adjust soon, and we can thoroughly explore all the ways in which Miley's face can be altered to be hilarious.

Happy Wednesday! (I refuse to call it by its nick name. Take that, all you camels.)

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Spinstergramming: Scott Antique Markets

Kitten Salt and Pepper Shakers
When my sister lived in Atlanta, she worked in a Miami Circle Interior Design store, and that store had a booth at the Scott Antique Markets. Until this past weekend, I didn't know much else about the markets, but I will assure you, I found out. I took over three hours to peruse all the amazing finds in two buildings and two parking lots, and I even took home some goodies.

The first photo here is of one of the things I brought home from the Scott Antique Market. It's a pair of little kitten salt and pepper shakers, and they're wonderful. At $15, I may have overpaid a little, but I couldn't pass them up. I've been looking for a kitschy pair of salt and pepper shakers for a long time, and to find kittens felt like a jackpot!

Snake Charmer Statuette
The Antique Markets had lots of furniture, textiles, and home decor, but some of my favorite things were just the little novelties, statuettes, and other items you never know how anyone would use. I don't think I'd ever have this snake charmer in my own home, but it was pretty fun to look at.

Print Repeat Roll Printers
One of the coolest things I saw and couldn't figure out how to use were these two print repeat metal rollers. The salesperson said they were probably used for wallpaper, but I think at least at one time, this was a method used for fashion and textiles as well. I've never seen these in person, and they were super cool.

A poodle with a top hat
When I went to the Rose Bowl Flea Market earlier this year, I saw a whole lot of little poodle figurines. To a lesser degree, Scott Antique Markets had some very similar merchandise. These were two of my favorites.

A Poodle in cat eye glasses. What will they think of next?

A Real puppy!
Lastly, there was a man thee who had five little Boston Terrier puppies in one of the outdoor lots, and he let me hold one of them. She was the sweetest, nicest, calmest puppy. But don't worry, I did not take her home!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Illustration Friday: Moustache

mustache-gif, growing-mustiache-gif, beard, mustache, bearded-lady
So, one of the sites I like to use as a reference for my copious Pinterest Pinboards is Illustration Friday. I've found some pretty cool illustrators on there just by clicking through to their sites.

So, the way it works is that every friday, Illustration Friday posts a new topic, and anyone who has a site from which they can link can post an illustration that theme. This week's theme is "moustache," so the gif in this post is this week's effort. 

Ok, it  also includes some beards, but I thought I'd just add a little something extra. Hooray for gifs! 

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Sunday Morning Playlist

It's Sunday, and I think we need a Sunday morning playlist. While I don't necessarily suggest you play this while doing your sun salutations, I think it may get your day off to a happy start.

All of the songs in this playlist are either about mornings or mention mornings or have something to do with sunday mornings. I hope you enjoy!

To listen blindly, click here.

The Playlist:
1. "Sunday Morning" - Maroon 5
2. "Feeling Good" - Nina Simone
3. "Sunday Morning" - The Velvet Underground
4. "Sunny Sunday" - Joni Mitchell
5. "Good Morning Starshine" - Oliver
6. "It's a Beautiful Morning" - The Rascals
7. "New Morning" - My Morning Jacket
8. "Send Me on My Way" - Rusted Root
9. "Better Off" - Ashlee Simpson
10. "Tik Tok" - Kesha

Now, admittedly #10 is probably about a saturday morning, or perhaps if you're Kesha, a weekday morning, but it is a fun song, and it does mention the morning so...enjoy! Happy Sunday!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Daniel Silverstein was my Draping Tutor

During my first semester of design school at FIT, it would be an understatement to say I was struggling. I was struggling in every class except maybe fashion art. I was even struggling in my Photoshop/Illustrator class. Legendary designer Wallace Sloves, known for his wedding designs for Joy Time, was my draping professor, and I was bad. I was really bad at draping.

My suitemate, Kaleigh, had a friend named Daniel who was willing to be my tutor. When I say he was my tutor, though, I think it would be more accurate to say that he was a very, very patient friend who, in the end, sometimes had to sew more than a few stitches for me. 

After that semester, Daniel left to study in Italy, and I entered the Art Specialization program (re: never took draping again). So, I haven't seen him, really, since then..except maybe once I think I saw talked to him briefly on 27th street a year or so later. 

In any case, imagine my surprise when I saw he'd been on NBC's Fashion Star! Even better, check out his cocktail dress on Saks' website. So, I'm pretty proud that my ineptitude at draping led me to meet someone so cool, and I had to share. 

And yes...the portrait makes him look chubbier and more asian than he is (he is neither chubby nor asian)...oops. Again, I have failed Daniel. 

Friday, October 11, 2013

Tavi's New Look

tavi-gevinson-graphic, tavi-gevinson-enough-said, tavi-style-rookie, rookie-mag,
For years, I have harbored a fond jealousy of Tavi Gevinson. At just twelve years old, she was a renowned fashion blogger, and now she edits her own magazine. With two yearbooks in print, Rookie Mag is clearly a success. And now, Tavi Gevinson can add yet another major thing to her CV: She's been in a feature film. That's right. If you haven't already seen Enough Said, here's yet another reason to see it. Tavi makes her film debut.

Tavi's acting doesn't seem like too much of a stretch from what I've seen of her lectures on youtube, but still. I'm impressed. What impressed me more, though, is that Miss Gevinson clearly went for a new look on the red carpet. Her hair was sleeker, and her makeup was flawless.

I can't wait to see what Tavi does next. Whatever it is, I'm sure it'll be awesome. And I'm sure I'll be super jealous. How can a girl who is a full ten years younger than I am have accomplished so much more than I have?

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Enough Said

As a Seinfeld Fan, Elaine was never my favorite character. I just her. The New Adventures of Old Christine was sort of funny, but not must-see TV for me. However, when I realized Julia Louis-Dreyfus had never been in a movie before Enough Said, my interest was piqued.

It took me a few weeks to actually go see the movie, but when I did, I was not disappointed. I laughed, I cried, I fell in love with Julia Louis-Dreyfus and James Gandolfini together. Julia Louis-Dreyfus is good. I can't even think of a better way to describe it. I just felt for her, and I wanted to be her friend...but not because I felt sorry for her. I just thought she seemed really fun.

I'm really hoping to see more from Ms. Louis-Dreyfus in the near future. She was brilliant, and if I can't be her friend in real life, I'll just settle for seeing all her movies.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Ooh She Servin' Face

So, like many excellent purchasing decisions begin, over the weekend I was at Target. Because I've just started driving again, all my CD's are from the early 2000's. While I do love this music, I thought I should check out a little something different. The last few times I'd been in Target, they'd been playing a Janelle Monae music video on the TVs in the electronics department. The video was for her song "Q.U.E.E.N.," and there's something just so deliciously retro and incredibly modern about the whole thing all at the same time. And of course I had to buy the album.

Well, I got way more than I thought I was getting. For one thing, it's a 2-disc album. For another, apparently she's presenting her musical catalog in movements. There's a whole story line about droids and robots and the future and a fugitive, and somehow the songs are still excellent apart from all the crazy.

Another one of my favorite numbers is "Dance Apocolyptic," whose video is way stranger and less mod than I thought it would be. Anyway, I'm sure I'm late to the party on Ms. Monae, but if you're also tardy to the party, you should check her out. She has a lovely face, and she's yet another Atlanta Lady!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Tina, Let's Be Friends.

In stark contrast to Miley's appearance on SNL, Tina Fey's entire episode was actually laugh out loud funny. That's not an exaggeration. I sat on my sofa and laughed out loud by myself while I ate thai takeout. The Monday after the episode aired, Buzzfeed had an article about how great the thought they Girls parody was.

While I did laugh out loud at this sketch - especially the part where she's dancing in the mirror - I have to say that the airline sketch was my favorite. For anyone who  has ever felt like they live in an airport, taxiing on the runway, and messing with the air vents so you they won't freeze, this sketch rings particularly true.

Now, let's talk about something slightly less important than laughing out loud in your underwear while you eat thai takeout. I just need to say that Mrs. Fey looks great! Every time she is looking, good, though, all I can think of is the part in Bossypants where she talks about eating cookies that taste like cardboard.

If you haven't watched Tina Fey's most recent visit to SNL, you must watch it.

Monday, October 7, 2013

She's Just Bein' Miley

So, this week's going to be a long one with lots of long days. The forecast is drawings but not much in the way of writings. However, we need to talk about Miley.

This weekend, Miley Cyrus hosted SNL, and like last time, it was...a little awkward. I always expect a little more from a girl who had her own show on the Disney Channel, but I always find myself feeling a little squirmy when I watch Miley with real adults.

Also, does Miley ever wear pants anymore? I mean, I can't really say that if I had her legs I would ever wear pants, but I'm starting to wonder what will happen to Miley when winter arrives in full force.

And then there's Miley's tongue. I'm really not sure what to even do when I see it. It seems all too long for her mouth...and, like...really muscular. And I wonder if she really knows why KISS member Gene Simmons sticks his tongue out and if she's making similar statements about herself. Am I getting old? Probably.

There were, however, some highlights to Miley's visit to 30 Rockefeller Plaza. For one thing, she looked amazing in all the brown wigs she wore. For another, how white are her teeth? And another thing, she should be getting a makeup modeling contract sometime soon just for wearing red lipstick like a champ.

Here's hoping Miley gets out of her rebellious phase soon. Her tongue is weird, but ever time I try to hate one of her songs, I somehow end up singing along. Oh, Miley.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Saturday Spinstergramming: Atlanta Adventures

Creepy Old Man Doll in Tucker, GA
Well, yesterday turned out to be quite eventful. I split my day between two adventures, but instead of just writing about it, I've got pictures! 

First I went to Tucker GA to find the Tucker Flea Market, only to discover it's been closed for quite some time. Instead I visited a nearby antique/junk store, where I saw this creepy old man doll. The store's proprieter, however, did point me to Georgia's largest flea market, the Pendergrass Flea Market in Pendergrass, GA. 

Do you even have to ask? Of course I drove out to Pendergrass. I must say, though, that I was slightly disappointed, as there was less of a yard sale vibe there and more of a "I got a great deal on a bulk order of these...want some?" feeling. However, there were a few awesomely strange sights there, pictured here below.

In addition to lots of goods to purchase, they also had pets! I don't quite know how I feel about purchasing a pet from a flea market, but they were surely fun to look at and imagine squeezing out of a serious cuteness aggression need.  They even had piglets! They also had a sign that said they had monkeys, but I didn't see any. 

A bevy of old barbies at Pendergrass Flea Market

A table full of toy cars all lined up.
The giant KISS doll that was priced at $45
Camera Shy piglets

A puppy who really wanted to be taken home.

tiny goldfish for sale at the flea market

Later on yesterday, in fact last night, I went to something called Flux Night in Castleberry Hill in Atlanta. I saw a woman dancing in a monkey mask, a clown taking photos with people, a man dancing with fire, and a man in a dress dancing in the doorway of a restaurant with a shake weight. Oh, and there was art. One of the best things I saw was this face to felt thing...i snuck a photo...of course.

Amazing Felt 3-d relief from Flux Night

Happy Sunday!

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Georgia Saturday Playlist

ludacris-with-afro, ludacris-afro, ludacris-playlist, ludacris-portrait, ludacris-illustration
It's an excellent Saturday morning here in Atlanta, and I thought the perfect way to celebrate would be with a playlist by Georgia hip hop and R&B artists. The number of artists from in and around the Atlanta area could full several playlists, but today I've just chosen one from each. Be forewarned, however, that it's not for the faint of heart or the easily offended. It's Hip Hop, ok? What are you gonna do?

To listen blindly, click here.

The Playlist:

1. "Welcome to Atlanta" - Jermaine Dupri

2. "Ms. New Booty" - Ying Yang Twins

3. "Yeah" - Usher

4. "Angel of Mine" - Monica

5. "Whatever You Like" - T.I.

6. "Get Busy" - Sean Paul

7. "Hey Ya!" - OutKast

8. "Get Low" - Lil Jon

9. "1, 2 Step" - Ciara

10. "My Chick Bad" - Ludacris

11. "Forget You" - Cee-Lo

12. "No Scrubs" - TLC

13. "Midnight Train to Georgia" - Gladys Knight & the Pips

Friday, October 4, 2013

Shel Silverstein would love Atlanta

falling-down-gif, running-in-atlanta,
I don't know how many giving trees there are in Atlanta, but this is certainly where the sidewalk ends. In efforts to elude the chunk sitch which has, unfortunately, been the cause of some need for dress alterations in recent weeks, I have taken to my old ways of running in the early morning in my new neighborhood. While my apartment complex does have a fitness center, I do find that running outdoors has a twofold benefit. Firstly, it's less boring. Secondly, it helps me to get acclimated to my new surroundings. However, there is one bit of my new surroundings to which I have yet to become accustomed: the sidewalks.

The first morning I went running, I realized that at 5am Atlanta is still pitch dark with only spots of street lamps. The spacing appears the same as in New York, but somehow, the overall ambient light isn't there. I suppose it is safe to say that Atlanta is a city that does sleep. So, on a run through the deserted neighborhoods of North Druid Hills, I was plugging away when all of a sudden I found myself, like a lone lemming, running off a cliff of sidewalk onto a tree's lumpy and exposed roots. The terrain continued in this manner for some 100 yards until I was safely back on the sidewalk in front of a child development center.

A block or so later, I turned left onto La Vista Road, a fairly well-trafficked thoroughfare, thinking I'd be safe to run the length of this road until I looped back to my apartment. But, a few blocks later, there I was again, running in the slim divot of a path cut by patrons of the Marta bus line on their way to the stop. About ten steps into this adventure, a branch hit me squarely in the right lens of my glasses, and I muffled a shriek, hoping not to awaken any residents of my neighborhood who would appear more sane than I.

A turn onto Briarcliff Road revealed an continuance of the utter lack of sidewalk, forcing me to take my huffing and puffing through the parking lot in front of the Needle Nook and the Kosher Deli, Through a strange tall-grass-covered island in front of an auto repair shop, and onto yet another beaten path that was cut like a terraced rice paddy where the road declined into a grassy ditch. Another few blocks led me to the beginning of a new, wide sidewalk, guarded by a terrifyingly lifelike painted metal giraffe facing outward from a peculiarly decorated back yard.

Under the watchful eye of the painted giraffe, however, I did make it home safely, panting and wheezing, and making sure not to step on the deceased bird I passed just before my stop light. I couldn't help thinking, though, how Shel Silverstein would have relished such a run as Atlanta seems to not only be where the sidewalk ends, but also where it begins....and ends and begins again.