Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Gif Vandal

miley-cyrus-with-a-mustache, valdanlized-miley, groucho-miley, vandalization-gif, miley's-tongue, why-does-miley-stick-out-her-tongue
I liked making Monday's post so much that I thought I'd reprise the same sort of idea but, as blogger Tom Coppinger suggested, in the way people vandalize photos. And really, who better to vandalize than Miley?

Now, we all know I love Miley, but I couldn't resist. This facial expression was ripe for vandalization. And, yes, I am aware that there are quite a few missed opportunities here. I'm just gonna be real, I'm a little busier at my job in Atlanta than I'd expected I would be. Hopefully I'll adjust soon, and we can thoroughly explore all the ways in which Miley's face can be altered to be hilarious.

Happy Wednesday! (I refuse to call it by its nick name. Take that, all you camels.)