Happy Birthday to My Mom

Well, today is a very special day, and dedicating a post to it is the absolute least I could do. Today is the birthday of the birthday fairy herself. That is, today is my mom's birthday. I couldn't sprinkle her room with glitter or tie balloons to the foot of her bed, so I made a drawing of what I think the birthday fairy would look like.

My mom deserves a wonderful, exciting, stress-free birthday today, and if you see her, you should make sure that's happening. Not only did she help me move in to my new apartment, but she unpacked all my boxes, re-washed all my clothes, cooked me dinner, picked up a bed in south carolina and brought it all the way to Atlanta, and picked out a chest  on which to put my TV. Before that, she helped me clean my apartment in New York. When I say she helped me, I mean she actually did all of it.

Aside from all of this, the woman in the leasing office at my apartment complex told me she thought my mom was so put together, and another woman told me she wanted to be my mom when she grew up. Every time I meet someone and they find out who my mom is, they always reply, "oh, I just love your mom."

So, happy birthday, Mom! You deserves all the love and a very happy day!

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