Late Work Night, What's your favorite illustration?

Last night was a late one at the office, so I only had time to make you this gif before absolutely passing out. Well, maybe I actually passed out while I was making it...In any case, I think it gets the message across.

But, yesterday, in the walks to the printer and the small quite spaces between episodes of This American Life, I realized that on October 20th, The Spinsterhood Diaries will be a whole year old! Hooray! Since this is a little bit of a big deal for me, I was thinking of having a little book of some of the year's most favorite illustrations printed. So, I was thinking, I need your help! Do you have a favorite illustration? Which ones would you include?

Submit your favorites as comments here, on The Spinsterhood Diaries Facebook page, on Glipho, or via twitter. You can even just look through The Spinsterhood Diaries photo albums on the facebook page and comment on the ones you like the best!

Here's hoping I won't reenact this gif at work today. Happy Friday Eve!

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