Monday, October 7, 2013

She's Just Bein' Miley

So, this week's going to be a long one with lots of long days. The forecast is drawings but not much in the way of writings. However, we need to talk about Miley.

This weekend, Miley Cyrus hosted SNL, and like last time, it was...a little awkward. I always expect a little more from a girl who had her own show on the Disney Channel, but I always find myself feeling a little squirmy when I watch Miley with real adults.

Also, does Miley ever wear pants anymore? I mean, I can't really say that if I had her legs I would ever wear pants, but I'm starting to wonder what will happen to Miley when winter arrives in full force.

And then there's Miley's tongue. I'm really not sure what to even do when I see it. It seems all too long for her mouth...and, like...really muscular. And I wonder if she really knows why KISS member Gene Simmons sticks his tongue out and if she's making similar statements about herself. Am I getting old? Probably.

There were, however, some highlights to Miley's visit to 30 Rockefeller Plaza. For one thing, she looked amazing in all the brown wigs she wore. For another, how white are her teeth? And another thing, she should be getting a makeup modeling contract sometime soon just for wearing red lipstick like a champ.

Here's hoping Miley gets out of her rebellious phase soon. Her tongue is weird, but ever time I try to hate one of her songs, I somehow end up singing along. Oh, Miley.


  1. She does have talent and she is quite pretty and a good singer. She's just...trying too hard to be "edgy" or "different" I guess.

  2. Don't tell her this. She's not the way she used to be, dosen't wear pants, songs songs with bad words in them, and sticks her tongue out WAY too much. I don't like her as much anymore. Her hair isn't my fab either. Monica M is right. She just wants to be seen in a different image or wants to be herself. She's just trying to get away from her Hannah Montana days and move on. - Abby B