Songs for Mere's Wedding Weekend

Today is the start of my dear friend and college roommate (well, one of six) Meredith's wedding weekend. I know, I know, we interviewed her as a spinster a while back, but in my defense, she wasn't engaged at that point, and if there's anything my experience has taught me it's...your'e single until you aren't anymore. I'm sure that sounds like I'm promoting scandalous behavior, but I'm just utilizing that philosophy to excuse myself from having interviewed someone as a spinster who I had no idea would become engaged some six months later.

Now, enough of my babbling. As you know, Meredith will be a unicorn for her wedding. Today we'll be doing all sorts of rehearsing and eating, so I thought it was the time to introduce the playlist I made for this weekend. Some of the songs are really lovely and romantic, and others are...more fun.

To listen blindly, click here.

The Playlist:

1. "Goin' to the Chapel" - The Shirelles
2. "L.O.V.E" - Nat King Cole
3. "Let's Stay Together" - Al Green
4. "Wifey" - Next
5. "Mine" - Taylor Swift
6. "This I Promise You" - *NSync
7. "Wifey" 0 Chris Brown
8. "Unforgettable" - Natalie Cole with Nat King Cole
9. "At Last" - Etta James
10. "This Will Be (an Everlasting Love)" - Natalie Cole

Happy Wedding Weekend!

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