Spinstergramming: Scott Antique Markets

Kitten Salt and Pepper Shakers
When my sister lived in Atlanta, she worked in a Miami Circle Interior Design store, and that store had a booth at the Scott Antique Markets. Until this past weekend, I didn't know much else about the markets, but I will assure you, I found out. I took over three hours to peruse all the amazing finds in two buildings and two parking lots, and I even took home some goodies.

The first photo here is of one of the things I brought home from the Scott Antique Market. It's a pair of little kitten salt and pepper shakers, and they're wonderful. At $15, I may have overpaid a little, but I couldn't pass them up. I've been looking for a kitschy pair of salt and pepper shakers for a long time, and to find kittens felt like a jackpot!

Snake Charmer Statuette
The Antique Markets had lots of furniture, textiles, and home decor, but some of my favorite things were just the little novelties, statuettes, and other items you never know how anyone would use. I don't think I'd ever have this snake charmer in my own home, but it was pretty fun to look at.

Print Repeat Roll Printers
One of the coolest things I saw and couldn't figure out how to use were these two print repeat metal rollers. The salesperson said they were probably used for wallpaper, but I think at least at one time, this was a method used for fashion and textiles as well. I've never seen these in person, and they were super cool.

A poodle with a top hat
When I went to the Rose Bowl Flea Market earlier this year, I saw a whole lot of little poodle figurines. To a lesser degree, Scott Antique Markets had some very similar merchandise. These were two of my favorites.

A Poodle in cat eye glasses. What will they think of next?

A Real puppy!
Lastly, there was a man thee who had five little Boston Terrier puppies in one of the outdoor lots, and he let me hold one of them. She was the sweetest, nicest, calmest puppy. But don't worry, I did not take her home!

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