Sunday Morning Playlist

It's Sunday, and I think we need a Sunday morning playlist. While I don't necessarily suggest you play this while doing your sun salutations, I think it may get your day off to a happy start.

All of the songs in this playlist are either about mornings or mention mornings or have something to do with sunday mornings. I hope you enjoy!

To listen blindly, click here.

The Playlist:
1. "Sunday Morning" - Maroon 5
2. "Feeling Good" - Nina Simone
3. "Sunday Morning" - The Velvet Underground
4. "Sunny Sunday" - Joni Mitchell
5. "Good Morning Starshine" - Oliver
6. "It's a Beautiful Morning" - The Rascals
7. "New Morning" - My Morning Jacket
8. "Send Me on My Way" - Rusted Root
9. "Better Off" - Ashlee Simpson
10. "Tik Tok" - Kesha

Now, admittedly #10 is probably about a saturday morning, or perhaps if you're Kesha, a weekday morning, but it is a fun song, and it does mention the morning so...enjoy! Happy Sunday!

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