Tina, Let's Be Friends.

In stark contrast to Miley's appearance on SNL, Tina Fey's entire episode was actually laugh out loud funny. That's not an exaggeration. I sat on my sofa and laughed out loud by myself while I ate thai takeout. The Monday after the episode aired, Buzzfeed had an article about how great the thought they Girls parody was.

While I did laugh out loud at this sketch - especially the part where she's dancing in the mirror - I have to say that the airline sketch was my favorite. For anyone who  has ever felt like they live in an airport, taxiing on the runway, and messing with the air vents so you they won't freeze, this sketch rings particularly true.

Now, let's talk about something slightly less important than laughing out loud in your underwear while you eat thai takeout. I just need to say that Mrs. Fey looks great! Every time she is looking, good, though, all I can think of is the part in Bossypants where she talks about eating cookies that taste like cardboard.

If you haven't watched Tina Fey's most recent visit to SNL, you must watch it.

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