Gift Guide: Dad

For me, shopping for my dad requires a lot of thought. He doesn't really need anything. So, the idea for me, unless I'm getting him silly gifts, is always to find something he could use. It may not be a need, but it could potentially be used.

I've discussed this issue with several of my friends, and I think most people's dads are the same when it comes to gifting. They're just tough. So, today I've put together a gift guide of things your dad might use. Here we go!

1. Microfleece Blanket (Twin XL): Target, $10.48
          My dad is a worker bee if I've ever seen one, and because of this, whenever he's at home it is a common occurrence to see him sprawled on the floor or the couch fast asleep. However, until a few years ago, this sight was only complete if my dad was dressed from head to toe in his warmest attire. He is a cold sleeper, and his main complaint was that he couldn't ever find an afghan or a throw that was long enough. My sister's mother in law, however, fixed this problem by crocheting him the longest afghan I've ever seen. It was a hit and still is.
          If you don't have an excellent crocheting mother-in-law, though, This blanket might just do the job. It measures 66" x 94" and is sure to cover anyone you've got. You can even add a little personalization by having it monogrammed with your dad's initials!

2. Harry's Truman Limited Edition Shave Set: J. Crew, $20
          This one's a great gift for any dad…except the dad with the beard.

3. Fogless Shower Mirror: Brookstone, $59.99
          I jut think this one is pretty cool. I just don't want any mirrors in my own shower.

4. New Balance Custom 574: New Balance, $139.95
          Always wanted to be a shoe designer? Now's your chance! New Balance gives you the opportunity to color up a special pair of sneakers just for your dad in all his favorite colors! They even offer you the option of adding text embroidery at the heel so he'll never lose his special shoes at the gym.

5. Plaid Thermos: Thermos, $19.99
          Whether your dad's a hunter, a traveller, an office man, or just a huge fan of how much coffee they drink from thermoses in The Millennium Trilogy, this is yet another useful (and stylish) gift. He's not a coffee drinker? My mom used to put soup in mine when I was in elementary school. And, of course, there's always hot chocolate.

6. Irish Fisherman's Crewneck Sweater: L.L. Bean, $139
          Once The Secret Life of Walter Mitty comes to theaters, and everyone sees Ben Stiller looking rugged in his sweater, I predict all the men will positively need their own cozy wool sweater. This one's from L.L. Bean, so you know it's not too fancy schmancy  or fashion-y and therefore perfect for dad.

7. Violight Sonic Travel Toothbrush: Brookstone, $15.99
          My dad likes to have clean teeth. In fact, when he used to drive us to school in the morning, he had a toothbrush he kept in his car just to get a little extra brushing done on the go. I feel like this is an upgrade from your regular travel toothbrush, though, because he's a sonic one! And also it comes in lots of colors.

8. Mini Measuring Tape Keychain: World Market, $3.49
          If your dad's a builder, or really just a measurer, this is an excellent gift. He'll never have to wonder about something's size on the go. He'll just have that measuring tape right there with him. Bonus: This is the perfect size for a stocking stuffer.

9. Camo Rolling Cooler: Coleman, $59.99
          This is a great gift for the dad who's a hunter or a tailgater. Or a dad who doesn't want his snacks to be seen. Get it…? Because it's camouflage? Stop groaning. You know you loved that.

10. Iphone Projector: Best Buy, $129.99
          With all the smart phone capabilities now, this gift is perfect for sharing all this photos and videos of the kids and/or grandkids. By dad used to have slides made and use a carousel projector, but this is so much smaller and more convenient! Think of all the times and places you could just have an impromptu viewing!

11. Merino Wool Ragg Socks: L. L. Bean, $18.95
          These are nice, warm, and manly socks for the holiday season. Perfect for boots and those spectacular custom new balance sneakers you've had made!

Happy Shopping! Check back tomorrow for the brother's gift guide!

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