Gift Guide: For the Silly One

So, if you're lucky, you have someone on your holiday gift list who likes to have a little giggle. These people are often the most fun people to buy for. Today I've put together a collection of gift-able items I think this person will enjoy...and enjoy showing to everyone they meet. And some of them might even actually be useful! (especially #1).

1. Fart Machine: Amazon, $11.45

2. Thumb Flash Drive: Amazon, $18.99

3. Pick Your Nose Party Cups: Fred Flare, $7.99

4. Grillz Candy: Fred Flare, $4

5. Poler Nap Sack: West Elm, $130

6. Nose Pencil Sharpener: Oriental Trading $6

7. Magic Unicorn Mask: Fred Flare, $36

8. Hairy Leg Socks: Kristen Perry, $10

9. Plush Turkey Hat: Amazon, $7.65

Happy Shopping...I really do recommend #1. Hours of fun.

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