Gift Guide: Oh, Brother!

Like dads, brothers are another tough group for whom to shop. Since I'm a spinster, it's even harder since I spend very little time thinking about the same things men do. The thing you do have on your side, though, is that you're probably closer in age to your brother than you are to your dad. This means you'll have a common history on which to draw.

So, here goes! Some gift ideas for your brother!

1. Topman Plaid Tie: Nordstrom, $20
          If your family's one that opens gift on Christmas Eve, this is a great one for your brother. He can wear it to the Christmas Eve service!

2. Original Bacon Spread: Skillet Street Food, $14.99
          Ok, so this isn't the ideal gift if your brother's a vegetarian. However, if he isn't, I think it's a great idea. My friend Monica made some for a board game party we attended last year, and I couldn't stop eating it. However, since you're probably not friends with Monica, I think this is probably your best option.

3. Home Alone: Amazon, $14.64
          If your brother doesn't already own this, he needs it. This is as much of a classic as A Christmas Story, if you ask me, with classic quotes like "trout sniffer," and "keep the change, ya filthy animal," you'll find yourself asking him to open this one early, too.

4. Home Alone 2: Lost in New York: Amazon, $14.98
          Ever now and then, I think about Duncan's Toy Chest and the turtle doves. If you know this movie as well as most kids from my generation, you know how to say "turtle doves" just like Mr. Duncan. If you're getting Home Alone, you must also get Home Alone 2. That is, of course, unless your brother already owns this one.

5. Hidden Camera Sunglasses: Amazon, $28.99
          There are so many different kinds of brothers who would enjoy these. There are those who enjoy a good hidden camera show, and there are those who like to make videos from their own point of view while they're, say, doing some crazy movies on their skateboard. Then, of course, there are those who have coworkers so crazy no one would believe it unless they saw it on video. Of course, I think this last one may not quite be legal. I'm not sure. Whatever the use, though, these things are pretty darn cool.

6. Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal Tee: Etsy, LoyalRoyalTees, $13.50
          If your brother loves Home Alone, he'll love this tee. Even if he doesn't, it's still pretty funny. And if he doesn't love it, you can give him to the count of ten to get his lousy, lyin', lowdown, four-flushin' carcass out your door.

7. Itunes Gift Card: Apple, prices vary depending on card amount.
          When in doubt, give the ol' iTunes gift card. This allows your brother to load up his collection with movies, music, and apps he loves. When my brother was traveling a lot, he used iTunes gift cards to rent movies and watch them on the road. Voila! It's a gift for the guy who travels light!

8. Anonymous Ism Navajo socks: J.Crew, $25
          You may be noticing that more often than not, I like to include a fun pair of socks in my gift guides. Mostly, this is because I design socks and therefore think about socks pretty much all the time. However, I did once have a boyfriend (shocker, I know), whose socks always seemed to spring a leak. As such, I think socks are always a useful gift. Who doesn't need a little refreshing in the sock drawer?

9. Cable Stripe Knitted Beanie: Scotch and Soda, $49
          I like how this hat manages to be both textural and colorful while still being manly. It allows you to give your brother a little something fashionable without making him into a fancy man.

10. Woodpile Boxers: Gap, $12.95
          Just like socks, everyone needs some fresh underoos. And, it's way more fun to have crazy printed underwear than boring solid ones, right? Companies like Gap, American Eagle, and J.Crew offer lots of spunky options that are great for folding up and wrapping or just rolling and sticking them in his stocking!

11. Topman Tartan Scarf: Nordstrom, $28
          Accessories your brother with a little holiday cheer. This will brighten up any boring old ensemble with a little…yep, I'm going to say it…pop of color. Forgive me. It seemed like the only right way to say it. I, too, am sick of hearing about color pops. But anyway, it's a cute scarf. The ladies will love it on your brother.

Happy Shopping. Look for the next installment of A Fashion Story here tomorrow morning!

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