Gift Guide: For the Domestic Goddess

Today's gift guide is for that friend you have who likes to cook and let everyone else eat it. If you don't have a friend like that, you need to get one. They're the best. Ok, now let's get down to it. See below for explanations and links!

1. Chipper and Sprite Serving Set: Anthropologie, $36
          These are perfect for salad or a giant bowl of family-style pasta. Plus they're cute. They come in White and Tiffany Blue.

2. Hobnail Pitcher: Anthropologie, $78
          I love this. Every time I go to Anthropologie, I think about buying it. The truth is, though, with what little I actually let other people into my apartment, I'd end up being the only one who ever saw it. That's what makes this gift great for your friend who likes to entertain!

3. Dotted Dinnerware Set: West Elm, $24-$40
         If your domestic queen is anything like I was when I got out of college (and admittedly still am), she's got a bunch of mis-matched plates. Wouldn't it be nice to have a matching set? These are cute.

4. Oven-to-table Soneware Bakers with lids: Sur la Table, $39.96
          This is a great gift for your friend who loves pot lucks and office parties. It's an all-in-one deal. She can make a casserole or pie or whatever she likes, and then, when it's cooled, she can pop that lid right on, and bring it with her. Genius!

5. Molded Braid Cookie Pan: Target, $14.99
          My mom gave me one of these a few years ago. I love to use it to make little versions of Ginger Jones's Chocolate Chip Cake and hand them out as little holiday gifts at the office.

6. Green Glass Butter Dish: Fishs Eddy, $12.95
          You know how I said I liked to leave the butter out? Well, this is the exact butter dish I have. However, I think any kind of cute or designed butter dish is a good gift idea. My mom recently acquired a sterling butter dish, and it is very fancy. It's just a good idea for anyone who doesn't like to tear holes in their bread.

7. Glass Cupcake Stand: Pottery Barn, $14
          This is actually great for your super domestic spinster. It's a nice way to store your sweets, and it holds just one cupcake. Perfect for a single lady!

8. La Piana Ravioli with Squash: World Market, $5.99
          Anyone who knows me knows I'm not a fancy eater, and I'll eat just about anything that isn't made up of celery and/or olives. So, before I go into how much I love this ravioli, please note that perhaps you should take my opinion with a grain of salt. Especially if you are a food snob. That being said, I like this ravioli. I think it's tasty, and it has the recipe for the recommended sauce on the back.

9. Trunks full of Taste Shaker Set: Mod Cloth, $12.99
          This may not be the best gift for your rabidly liberal friend. However, I think the elephants are cute. Having just purchased a set of cat salt and pepper shakers a few months ago, I think the old S&P are the perfect place to display a little kitsch in your kitchen.

10. Polka Dotted Pot Holders: Anthropologie, $14
          There are two things that need to constantly be replaced in the kitchen: dish cloths and pot holders. I think this set from Anthropologie is particularly fun with its quilted dots and red lining.

Well, I hope I've alleviated some of your holiday shopping stress! Enjoy, and check back soon for more  holiday gift guides!

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