Illustration Friday: Pattern

ballet-flats-print, shoe-print, shoe-repeat, printed-shoes, printed-flats
It's been a few weeks since I added anything to the conversation at Illustration Friday, so I think it's high time I participated. This week's theme is "Pattern."

The theme this week is easy for me because I already had a library on my computer. Today I'm showing a few of the prints and patterns I put together for my annual calendar that I make for my grandmother. (shhh! don't tell!) You may recognize some of the components from other items I've added to the Zazzle Spinster Store before.

The first print/pattern here is of ballet flats. I originally made the graphics of the flats for a mug I did about a month or so ago, but then I thought it would be fun to have them as an all over print.

Next, you'll see this bikini print, which I made for the "July" image for the calendar. I based the bikini CADs on some of the bikinis I liked that came out this summer, and then I added some of my own prints into

the bodies to make them extra special.

Lastly, there's this glasses "print," which isn't actually a print at all. I have to admit that I was too lazy to worry about making it symmetrical and making it a true repeat, so for the purposes of the calendar, I just clipping masked it to be the size of the page.

Well, this is all! Hooray for Illustration Friday! And here's hoping the calendar turns out ok!

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