Three Things...

Ok, so today we have three things to discuss, three very important things.

Firstly, earlier this week, I had a dream that I was in New York, and Jason Schwartzman was texting me. I was really sad when I woke up to discover that I have actually never met Jason Schwartzman and therefore, he has no reason to text me. 

Upon further research, I discovered the Mr. Schwartzman has actually been married for almost five years, and much to my horror, he actually has a daughter. I'd say this is a pretty fair sign we will never be together. Let's take a moment to mourn my imaginary relationship with Jason Schwartzman.

Now that that's out of the way, on to our second order of business. My new office periodically has volunteer opportunities for its employees, and today I am participating in one of those. This morning, I'm going to get to read to children and help them make bookmarks. Here's hoping it turns out like an AT&T commercial. ( 

Thirdly, I need to announce something that will be happening for the next twelve days. No, it's not a new novel (not just yet, at least). Rather, in celebration of the holiday season, tomorrow will kick off the twelve days of Christmas. As such, I will be giving you twelve Christmas gifs. No, not gifts. Just animated gifs. So, check them out every day until Christmas! 


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