Sunday, January 5, 2014

Thank You Notes and a Puffy Coat

One of the reasons I moved down south was to escape the horrifying weather New York has been experiencing for the past few days. When I lived in New York, I hated the cold. It wasn't until I visited my friend Katherine and her husband, Nathan, in Seoul that I actually bit the bullet and bought one of those giant puffy coats that make you look like you're walking around in a sleeping bag. Once I bought it, though, I never went back.
Now that I'm back in the south, I usually try to wear a lighter jacket just so I don't have to fool with all the fluff when I get in my car, but this weekend has given me cause to go back to looking like a michelin man. In fact, as I type this on Saturday night, I'm actually sitting in my puffy coat on my sofa watching Law and Order: Criminal Intent because I think the heater in my apartment thinks "heat" means "cool." But no matter. On the matter of being indoors, I'd much rather be cold than hot any day.

So now for five things that made this saturday perfectly spinsterly:

1. I had a snickers toy soldier for breakfast. With Sparkling Cran Apple Juice. Keepin' it gangsta.

2. I had my first Pupusa in the food court of the Pendergrass Flea Market, and I loved it. To drink, I had a Mexican coke, and that is always better. 

3. I saw Grudge Match, and even though it was pretty cheesy, I enjoyed it. 

4. I finished the night by watching Law and Order: Criminal Intent in my puffy coat

5. I finally made the thank-you notes I needed to send, one of which you'll see pictured here. 

Don't forget that tomorrow starts a new fiction series! Get excited!

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Some doodles and coming soon

drawings-of-faces, pencil-doodles, face-doodle, face-sketch, face-sketches
Today's image is just some doodles I made while I was watching TV on New Year's Eve. We have it before and after coloring. I don't really like the one in the top right hand corner, but I guess you can't really win them all, especially when you're drawing them all not he same sheet of paper.

Now, on to something I think you may find exciting. Or, at least, I hope you will. Ever since the NaNoWriMo story ended, I've been getting comments whenever I see readers about their missing the fictional narrative. So, I think that at least a few people might be excited to know that this Monday, I'll be starting a new fictional story on the blog!

I learned a few things while I was working on on A Fashion Story for NaNoWriMo. The most important thing I think I learned, though, was that I can't work a full time job, write a novel, and make an illustration every day while still getting enough sleep and maintaining some semblance of a social life. As such, I'm afraid I'm going to have to scale back on the illustrations while I write for the month of January. I hope you will be able to forgive me, but the illustrations will only be the number of their respective part of the story. Perhaps I'll get a little ambitious if I find myself with some extra time, however, I just feel like I should put the warning out there.

So, I hope you're all as excited as I am to start another journey. Without a fixed word-count quota, I think this may move a little differently. But, I hope you'll still enjoy!

And also, here are the faces all colored up:

Friday, January 3, 2014

The Spinster and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.

This of you familiar with Judith Viorst's Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day may expect today's post to have something to do with shoe shopping and lima beans. However, I like both shoe shopping and lima beans, so a day full of both of those things would be excellent. I try not to make all of my posts like a personal diary, but yesterday was so hilariously bad, I just had to share.

On the first day back to work in then new year, I woke up at 7:40 AM, about an hour after I needed to be awake if I was going to have the leisurely morning I like to have. No matter, though, I had a leftover pork chop in the fridge, and that would keep me full at least until lunch time. So, I microwaved the pork chop and went back into the bedroom to watch the Today Show while I ate my breakfast. One bite in, I dropped the entire pork chop on my duvet cover, leaving a four-inch-wide grease spot right near where my face would be if I went back to sleep. This wouldn't do, but I needed to get moving if I was going to make it to work in time.

I dressed in a hurry and was less than pleased with my hair, makeup and outfit choice, but they would all have to do as I was running out of time. At the last minute, I changed into a pair of ballet flats because I thought they looked better with the outfit than my loafers. It was raining outside, but if I scurried to my car, my feet wouldn't get wet inside my shoes.

In my car, I turned the key, but my engine wouldn't start. I tried again and again, but nothing worked. Now it was 9AM, and no one was out in the parking lot anymore. I walked to the leasing office on the other side of the complex, but they didn't open until 10AM. Thankfully, though, there was one lonely person in the fitness center who had jumper cables and was willing to help.

We tried to jump my car for almost an hour, and during that time, I somehow managed to get a gash on the palm of my hand I had to go back into my apartment to clean and dress. Finally, someone else came with different jumper cables and a different car to help us, and I am so thankful they did. The one who finally got my car to start was an older man who always walks his german shepherd in the parking lot. I'd always been sort of scared of him until now. He told me I needed to get a new battery.

I drove down to Kauffman tire, and they said it'd be two hours, so I contacted my boss, and I waited. The waiting room was full of a bunch of men who undoubtedly were having problems similar to or worse than my own, and while we waited, The Doctors played at top volume on the TV. I tried not to pay attention because The Doctors generally terrifies me, but when they started showing a simulated birth with larger-than-life anatomical models of the...pelvic region...I had to excuse myself to the restroom. When I emerged, they were pulling out the model of the placenta, and I almost threw up.

Next up was The View, which is the one show on television that bothers me more than when politicians talk over each other on the news. I just always wonder how anyone can stand to watch those women fight with each other and their guests. Who wants to watch that? Really?

Sometime after the view, one of the employees came to tell me that nothing, in fact, was wrong with my car and that the battery had recharged itself.

Back at the office, everything was fine. My desk was clean because I had surprised myself by leaving it that way. The office still wasn't at full capacity, which is the way I like it, so that was nice. But then it was time for lunch.

Today was a gloomy, rainy day, so I didn't want to go outside. Eventually there will be dining options in our office building, but for now there's a temporary cafeteria on the second floor. however, when I got there, there were only side salads and a cup of tuna salad left. So, I got the tuna salad and a side salad that sat lonely among the empty baskets that once housed what I assumed were multiple food options. I can't complain about how they tasted, though.

Mid afternoon, I started feeling feverish, but I waited until 5pm to leave. This is when things started to take a turn for the better.

I dropped by Target to get some jumper cables on the way home, and much to my delight, there were snickers toy soldiers (surprisingly gluten free, according to my google search) 50% off! I got a great parking spot by my apartment, and just inside the door, I decided it was time to change de-pant and put on some sweat pants.

Throwing my duvet and sheets into the washing machine, I decided to use my new cat pillow cases my sister gave me for Christmas, and I put some clean white sheets on the bed as well. This, of course, was a momentous step in the right direction.

With the sheets and duvet in the washing machine, it was time for some sparkling crane-apple juice I had bought on New Year's Eve but fallen asleep to early to drink, leftover takeout, and the magazines I bought New Year's Eve but never read. A click of the new NeoTV my mom gave me for Christmas, and I was on the way to spinsterly bliss.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Wait, What? (Spoiler Alert!)

captain-fanny-ross, eric-bogosian, eric-bogosian-law-and-order,
As we've discussed many a time, I love some Law and Order. I recently finished the regular Law and Order and have moved on to Law and Order: Criminal Intent, and I'm already up to season 9. Now, if you're planning on watching all these episodes and care anything for the character story lines, I'm going to have to stop you right now. Spoiler Alert!

When I lived in New York, there were a few celebrities I'd see from time to time, and they were really random ones. I saw Russell Brand riding a bicycle down sixth avenue three times, and he was every bit as skinny as he looks on TV...maybe even skinnier. I saw Mario Batali quite a few times dining at the restaurant below my apartment on sixth avenue (Da Silvano, for those who might be on the lookout), and he was not as skinny as Russell Brand. The best celebrity I saw more than once, though, was Eric Bogosian. This of you who watch Law and Order: Criminal Intent may know him as Captain Ross. I saw him at the basketball court by Da Silvano once, and then right before I left New York, I saw him at the Pret by Radio City Music Hall. I think he caught me staring, but I was just so excited.

Now, back to Law and Order. There I was, watching Netflix, and all of a sudden, Captain Ross was KILLED! I mean, what the what? How am I supposed to go on after the only cast member of Law and Order I know exists in real life is offed on the show? Not only this, but an episode or so later, Goren is also kicked off the show! Everyone who loves Law and Order: Criminal Intent the best says Goren is their favorite character. They like how smart he is. And Captain Ross, well, he's a real person!

You guys, I just can't. I don't know if I can go on. But of course I will. Of course I'll continue watching Law and Order until I've seen every episode of every franchise - even Trial By Jury if I can find it! (For Heaven't sake Lillith from Frasier is on it. How can I resist!?)

Anyway, I know this post did nothing to help you through your morning or your day, but I just had to share. I am appalled, I say! Appalled! I call for more Eric Bogosian and Vincent D'Onofrio stat! Jeff Goldblum is cute and all, but I can't really say for sure if he's a real person. After all, he was an alien in Earth Girls Are Easy. I rest my case.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Llama Salvaje Del Monte

savage-llama, llama, llama-drawing, llama-wearing-scarf, llama-scarf, peruvian-llama
For Christmas, my friend Mauricio gave me a drawing of a cat on some boxes, and I loved it. I loved it so much, in fact, that upon arriving back at my apartment, I immediately matted, framed, and hung it on the wall.

Before I go on, I need to tell you another story. My first internship in fashion was at a company called Anna Sui. Sometimes at Anna Sui, my job would be to work with the men in the shipping department.

The shipping department was full of spanish-speaking, hilarious men. When they weren't too busy, the men in the shipping department would sit around and make fun of each other in spanish. It was riotous.

In another department, there was a woman named Trish, and Trish was their favorite employee at Anna Sui. Whenever Trish would come around, a guy named Victor would tell her how much he loved her, and she would deflect him with a comment of something like, "I hate you, Victor," and he would pretend to be hurt.

When Trish would walk away, all of the men would wait until she was gone, and they would make more comments about her to each other. My favorite one, though, was that she was "la gate salvaje del monte." This roughly translates to mean "the savage cat of the mountain."

So, since Mauricio is from Peru, I just switched out the Cat for a Llama in a scarf. I think it's fun and colorful, and I thought I would share. Below are some process photos if your'e into that.