Thank You Notes and a Puffy Coat

One of the reasons I moved down south was to escape the horrifying weather New York has been experiencing for the past few days. When I lived in New York, I hated the cold. It wasn't until I visited my friend Katherine and her husband, Nathan, in Seoul that I actually bit the bullet and bought one of those giant puffy coats that make you look like you're walking around in a sleeping bag. Once I bought it, though, I never went back.
Now that I'm back in the south, I usually try to wear a lighter jacket just so I don't have to fool with all the fluff when I get in my car, but this weekend has given me cause to go back to looking like a michelin man. In fact, as I type this on Saturday night, I'm actually sitting in my puffy coat on my sofa watching Law and Order: Criminal Intent because I think the heater in my apartment thinks "heat" means "cool." But no matter. On the matter of being indoors, I'd much rather be cold than hot any day.

So now for five things that made this saturday perfectly spinsterly:

1. I had a snickers toy soldier for breakfast. With Sparkling Cran Apple Juice. Keepin' it gangsta.

2. I had my first Pupusa in the food court of the Pendergrass Flea Market, and I loved it. To drink, I had a Mexican coke, and that is always better. 

3. I saw Grudge Match, and even though it was pretty cheesy, I enjoyed it. 

4. I finished the night by watching Law and Order: Criminal Intent in my puffy coat

5. I finally made the thank-you notes I needed to send, one of which you'll see pictured here. 

Don't forget that tomorrow starts a new fiction series! Get excited!

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