Nine Valentines from the Spinster

Yesterday marked one week until Valentine's Day. If you haven't sent out your valentines yet, today is the day!

Now, if you're a spinster like me, you may not think Valentine's Day is for you. But why should it just be for the couples? I think it's a great day to send cards to your friends and family, not just for awkward gift-giving between romantic pairings. Wouldn't you hate to have just started dating someone right now? Super uncomfortable.

But I digress. Today I wanted to help you out in case you haven't put together your Valentines yet. Below you'll find nine valentine designs (see what I did there? It rhymes!) that you can save to your computer and print out! Hooray!

These valentines are just supposed to be fun, so don't judge me too hard on my graphic design skills. I'm not all into fonts and all that business. Anyway, see below and enjoy!

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