Spinster Binge: Dance Academy

dance-academy, ballet-dancer, ballet, tara-from-dance-academy
The thing about binge watching TV shows is that when they're over, you don't have anything to watch. There's this incredible sense of loss when a show is done, and I find myself even missing the characters.

Recently I finished the show I was watching, and just in the nick of time, my friend Angela told me there were new episodes of Dance Academy on Netflix. Just like that, I'm back to binge-a-thons.

Now, let's take a moment to discuss five reasons why Dance Academy is excellent and binge worthy.

1. It's set in Australia which means there are accents. Of course we all love accents.

2. It's got drama, which is even better because it's high school drama.

3. The main character is cute and actually looks like a high school student.

4. The guys are pretty cute, even if they are supposed to be in high school. Especially Jordan Rodrigues. We are dating...at least in my imagination.

5. It's about a dance academy. I don't think I need to explain why this is awesome, but just in case, here it is: There's lots of dancing, and I love to watch dancing.

So, now that you know Dance Academy is excellent and on Netflix, you can put it in your queue for when the Olympics and Downton end. You're welcome.

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