The Man in My Life: Mr. Goodbar

The other day I was getting lunch at a deli across the street from my office, and I decided I needed a little something sweet. In the baskets by the register was an assortment of chocolates and various candies. I surveyed the baskets, and one wonderful yellow package seemed to call my name.

Ever since that afternoon, Mr. Goodbar and I have been having quite the romance. As you can see from today's image, we even got glamour shots together.

I know Mr. Goodbar isn't a fancy specialty chocolate. He's only from Hershey, but he's more than just the basic hershey bar. He's got a little crunch.

This weekend, I bought a multi pack of fun sized assorted hershey bars, and I ate all the Mr. Goodbars. Now I'm just left to spinster all alone with the regular hershey bars, the dark chocolate (who even likes that!?) and the crackle bars.

If you're a spinster like me, and you're looking for a spring love affair, try Mr. Goodbar. he is delicious.

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