The Night Got Away

I have a confession. I don't have very many spinsterly things to say today because last night I was too busy spinstering to actually think about a blog post. I was even too lazy to actually scan today's illustration and opted instead to just take a (very poor quality) photo of it on my iPhone. Let today's post be a cautionary tale for how your spinstering can get out of hand in just a few easy steps. Here's how:

1. Come in the door and drop all your stuff - especially your pants.

2. Change into Leggings, and microwave your pre made dinner.

3. Turn on Netflix and realize they finally added the final episodes of Breaking Bad.

4. Find yourself completely unable to resist clicking on Breaking Bad while you eat your dinner much too quickly.

5. Having finished your dinner, continue on to the drawing/watching tv portion of your night, wherein you make a bunch of completely useless doodles you can decidedly not use for a blog post.

6. Hang out with your mom until 11pm, eating the delicious gluten free brownie pie she brought you. (It was too good to pass up.)

7. Decide you're too tired to take a shower, but stare blankly at your own face in the mirror for just as long as you would have taken a shower in the first place.

8. Put on your pajamas (because the leggings were just your segue lounging attire) and get into bed.

9. Type a play by play of your evening in lieu of a meaningful blog post.

10. schedule your post for the next morning and pass out in your bed, knowing your feet will be too hot to bear in about a half our.

Follow these ten easy steps, and you, too, can have an unproductive evening of spinstering. I'm going to need to re-watch those episodes of Breaking Bad for sure.

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