Snack like a Gluten Free Spinster

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Since I became Gluten Free, my spinsterly snack time has had to change a little. I can no longer have banana pudding or Ginger Jones's Chocolate Chip Cake. So, to help you along your spinsterly way, I thought I'd share some of my new favorite gluten free snacks. You're welcome.

1. Rice Pudding (Pictured here):
          Apparently Kozy Shack rice pudding is Gluten Free. Also, it is delicious, and I didn't know that until I had it for the first time in my early twenties.

2. Dried Magoes:
          So you can pretend you're being healthy. And, well, I guess they are sort of healthy, especially compared to Rice Pudding.

3. Pistachios:
          I keep a giant bowl of Pistachios in my Spinster Lair, and sometimes I find myself standing by the bowl, eating pistachios absentmindedly. At least, though, they're nuts and not candy. But they do sort of taste like candy.

4. Mr. Goodbar:
          Speaking of candy...I'm not even going to lie. Yesterday was a long day at work, and I ate two Mr. Goodbars. Yes, I'm embarrassed, but what could I do? I needed the chocolate to survive.

5. Lentil Chips:
          Most regular potato chips are actually gluten fee, but Lentil Chips feel healthier, and they have an amazing crunch. Be forewarned, though, they are high in fiber. Good thing you're a spinster, right?

Happy Snacking!

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