Spinster Bliss: Weeknight Targeting

Growing up, my town didn't have a Target. Once Super Wal Marts existed, we had one of those, but Sumter still doesn't have a Target. For three of the years I lived in New York, I lived about four or five stops from the Target beside Queens Center Mall, but sometimes that was too much of an effort. So, now that I live just one block from a target, I feel like I'm in spinster heaven.

As a spinster, I feel especially equipped to exploit my newfound Target proximity. Instead of having to go home and cook dinner from someone, I'm free to do anything I deem necessary - or even just delightfully unnecessary- I please, any night of the week. And there's something absolutely delicious about doing frivolous things on a weeknight. 

So, last night I planned my running route so that I would finish running just a few blocks before I reached Target. I somehow took a strange turn and found myself running up one of the steepest hills in Atlanta, but after that I arrived at retail bliss: Target. I only needed shampoo and nail polish remover, but I perused the whole store just because I could. And of course I bought a tank top just because. 

Next time you're itching to spinster outside your apartment on a week night, consider spinstering down to Target. It's not just for the weekend anymore.

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