Spinster Break

I know, it sounds like I'm going on spring break, and I am taking a break because of spring, but not in the way you're thinking or I'm wishing. In fact, I'm taking a break because we're working on Spring/Summer at work. It's crunch time.

Over the past three weeks, things have been gradually ramping up. Now, I'm listening to almost an entire ebook every work day (today I almost finished Twelve Years a Slave), and I'm eating entire whole foods chocolate bars in one sitting. In fact, today's hastily-drawn image was drawn with a sharpie from my desk on the gold foil of a Chocolove bar I ate today after lunch. In addition, I've started rotating the coke cans in the refrigerator at work so that the coldest ones are at the front when I need them most.

Anyway, since this is the final crunch time, I am taking the next week off to reduce stress as much as possible. I'm hoping that by April 1st, all will have calmed down a little.

In the  meantime, I'm going to get my work spinster on and listen to as many audio books as I can. If I'm going to work until 9:30 PM, then I'm going to grow my brain while I'm at it.

See you soon!

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