Spinster Dream Diary: The Grocery Store Wedding

On an episode of This American Life, I learned that no one wants to hear about anyone else's dreams. So, today's post may actually be pretty boring. However, I had such a collection of bizarre dreams this week, I felt like I needed to share.

1. Monday I agreed I had to get married in Piggly Wiggly because it was the only venue available on such short notice. I also had to wear a short, burgundy satin dress, which I hated, and all the bridesmaids wore white.

2. Tuesday I dreamed I moved to Los Angeles and had to be in a gigantic cheerleading competition.

3. Wednesday I dreamed I had to go back to high school, and I was in a play for which I hadn't even learned my lines. I was playing a frog.

4. Thursday I dreamed it was the 1920's, and I was in love with a man who had goat pupils.

5. Friday, I dreamed my parents had two more sons after my brother was born, but they left them in Camden, SC to be "raised by the community." I was very upset.

Here's hoping none of these things happen to me in real life! Happy Saturday!

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