Spinster Love: Britney Spears

The recovery of my old CDs has yielded yet another excellent discovery. On the way back from Augusta on Saturday, I flipped through my CD binder at a stop light. There were several unmarked discs in the binder, but one stuck out to me. It was green and silver - one of those ones they offered in the early 2000's with decorative designs. I popped the disc in, halfway thinking it would be blank, but it was so much better than that. I had unearthed a burned copy of Meredith's Britney Spears Greatest Hits: My Prerogative CD.

Now I know Britney has had some hard times, but I think we can all agree that she has also had some undeniable hits. Nowhere is this more clear than in the CD I've just discovered in my car. Britney just makes me want to dance. And, now that she's cleaned up a little bit, I don't feel quite so embarrassed to admit I love her and her music. 

So today, if you need to remember just why you loved Britney so much, I've provided a list of links for you below. You're welcome.

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