Spinstergramming: Sconyers BBQ

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This past weekend I paid a visit to Augusta, GA to visit their fine flea markets and dine at Sconyers Barbecue. Of course I had to take some photos. But Let's start at the beginning.

I pulled up in the gravel parking lot of Sconyers around 12:30 PM on Saturday, passing the amazing Sconyers Bar-b-Que sign, and noting how packed the parking lot seemed for a place that is just off the highway. Or maybe that's why it was packed.

I walked over a little foot bridge from the parking lot into the restaurant's entryway, crossing a little river with giant goldfish. Overlooking the water feature was a porch and a row of rocking chairs.

Inside the restaurant was dim, and there were people paying at a cash register just to the left of the door. Standing in front of a wooden staircase was a hostess wearing what I think was supposed to be a colonial period costume,w which she had accessorized with sneakers and a Shiny Green St. Patrick's Day Necklace.

The restaurant was like a giant log cabin, with several different compartments, and early American style chairs. There was a book case with all sorts of pig figurines on one wall, and a bunch of pig memorabilia all around (see image to the left.)

I had the "small" pork bbq plate complete with potato salad and barbecue hash and rice. The Hash was a little thicker than I've ever had before, but it was still very delicious. The "small" plate was a gracious plenty of food for me, but I supposed if I were about twice my size (or wanted to be), I would have ordered the regular large size. There were three kinds of sauces, and I had the mild, sweet one. I will give it a good 8. The Potato Salad was a little fancy for my taste, but not bad. The sweet tea, on the other hand, was spot on. Just the right combination of tea strength and sweetness.

If you click on the photo strip here, you can see that there was some lovely artwork in the restaurant, and I've also taken a photo of my "small" bbq plate. Not small at all. All told, I give Sconyers high marks. Bravo!

After feeding myself like a little piglet (is that gross if I was eating pork?), There was a trip to Augusta's Barnyard flea market. While I didn't find anything of great value to purchase there, I did manage to snap a couple of pics of some of the stranger things I saw there.

Firstly, you'll note that Ken here has got some metallic pants but seems to be committing some sort of crime. Is he suffocating those barbies? And is he wearing a one piece?

Secondly, there was a store called "Bodies and Blades," or something like that, and they sold some pretty heavy duty knives. I'm not really sure where the "bodies" part cam win except that maybe they just wanted a reason to have these sweet wooden cutouts on the wall. Click on the image to enlarge. They're really quite spectacular.

The next flea market was also sort of a bust, but they did have some pretty interesting fair food, boiled peanuts, and the like. None, however, took the cake from Pendergrass Flea Market and it's magnificent food court.

My search for an excellent flea market near Atlanta, GA continues. However, I may have to have my own booth soon. It seems like it would be a lot of fun, and booths apparently start at only about $8.

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