The Comedone Extractor: Vikram Yadav

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Several months ago, I confessed my obsession with cyst removal videos on YouTube. Well, since  then things have, shall we say, escalated. I've been watching more dermatological procedures than just lancing. Most recently, I've been watching blackhead removals, or comedone extractions. 

If there is a darling of the blackhead removal community, it is one Dr. Vikram Yadav who has his own YouTube channel just for educational dermatological videos. From the comments on his videos, it seems he even takes requests.

Now, before you say "I don't need to watch this on YouTube, I have a nose full of these and my very own mirror," let me just tell you. Dr. Yadav seems to have a special knack for finding the most horrifyingly clogged pores I have ever seen. Most often, at the beginning of a video, all I can think is, "how did it even get like that!?" But, when the pores are cleared, I just feel such a sense of satisfaction and relief on behalf of Dr. Yadav's patient. 

Now that I'm sure you've fallen down the rabbit hole of Dr. Yadav's youtube channel, you may be wishing you could pay him a visit. However, if you can't travel internationally just unclog your pores, you can purchase your very own comedone extractor on Amazon or at your local drugstore. 

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