Monday, April 28, 2014

Beach Spinstering: Cat (swim) Suits

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Though the pool at my apartment complex won't be open for the season until tomorrow evening, this weekend was definitely warm enough for a swim. So, of course, It put me in the mood to look for some spinsterly swimsuits. While there are plenty of wetsuits, rash guards, tankinis, and high-waisted bikini bottoms out there, I think I shall save that for another time. No, today's spinsterly swimwear is devoted to the joy of cats. I tried to find all domestic house cats, but some had to be wild animals. I think this is probably fitting, though, since there are many, many different kinds of spinsters. So, below, find a list of where you can find these delicious cat suits for spinstering this summer whether it be by the pool, on the beach, in the sprinklers, or just under your clothes like Liz Lemon.

1. Kitties Bandeau Top and Kitties String Bottom: About $20.08 each, Mr. Gugu 

2. Laser Space Cats Swimsuit: About $58.80, LovelySally

3. Black Bandeau Top and Cat High Waisted Bottom: $64.00 and $68.00, MimiHammer on Etsy

4. Hurley Surfside One Piece: $85, Pacsun

5. RoKo Cat Face Printed Swimsuit: $23.99, Roko Fashion on Amazon

6. Kitty Garden Party One Piece Swimsuit: $80.00, PrettySnake on Etsy

7. Women's Black Cat Printed One Piece Swimsuit: $19.99, AMS Clothing on Amazon

8. White Cat Swimsuit: $75.00, Nasty Gal

9. Sweet Kitty Bandeau Top and Sweet Kitty Bottom: About $20.08 each, Mr. Gugu

10. The King Scoop One Piece: $297.00, We Are Handsome

Hopefully this has given you something to think about when you imagine your spinsterly summer. Enjoy, and Happy Monday!