Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! Today's post will be short as I'm very busy going to church and then eating everything promptly afterward. I'm sure you understand. So, I just wanted to share some photos of the things that will be happening.

Firstly, my mom made gluten free chocolate cupcakes yesterday, and I helped by making the frosting. Then, I got to use the pastry tip to frost them like we were in a little bakery. Click on the image to view it larger. I am really proud. I will be eating at least five of them at lunch. Don't judge.

We also, yesterday, dyed some easter eggs, and I managed to spill almost all of the dye on the new marble counter tops. So...that happened. However, look at our excellent easter eggs!

All right. Now, have a happy Easter! Tomorrow I'm going to show you something that will get your organizational juices flowing. Get yourself ready.

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