Saturday Spinstering: The Dogwood Festival

Yesterday was one of the first days I've had in Atlanta that could compare to a saturday I would have had in new York. That is, there was shopping, eating, and a park. Let's hit the highlights. 

1. Buying Running Shoes:
          So, after a new record run on Friday night, my feet were not pleased. The treats were wearing off the bottoms, and my spinsterly bunion had actually poked a hole in the exterior of my running shoes. It was time. So, I googled the best place to buy running shoes in Atlanta, and the closest one was Big Peach Running Co.
          I took my old running shoes in for comparison, and I have to say I was quite pleased with the amount of care and attention I received at Big Peach. It was like a real life ASMR video. I ran on a treadmill, and the guy looked at a computer readout of my feet, and I even ran around on a little track inside the store. Overall, I am impressed. Two Thumbs up. Also, two neon orange shoes up because that's what I got.

2. Lunch at Smash Kitchen and Bar:
          I had shoestring fries, and they were excellent.

3. The Dogwood Festival at Piedmont Park:
          I love a good festival. Even though I can't eat approximately 99% of that delicious-smelling festival food, I still like to be there. The Dogwood Festival was excellent with its never ending expanse of booths and this great reproduction of Edward Munch's "The Scream," but the very best part was this: There was a frisbee competition. Now, before you get skeptical and think I'm talking about people throwing frisbees back and forth, let me just tell you this: there were dogs.The frisbee competition was an excellent exhibition of humans and their canine buddies doing frisbee tricks. And it was great. They only way it could have been better is if there were kittens.

...and I hope you enjoy this screen face I made. My face is not the same shape as the original. 

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