SC Spinstering: Grady's Furniture

Bishopville, South Carolina is home to such excellent people as The Button King, The Lizard Man, and Pearl Fryar. This weekend, though, I discovered it is also home to South Carolina legislator, Grady Brown. While Brown is an on-air radio personality and a barber in addition to his career in the South Carolina House, he also owns a gigantic furniture store that I was lucky enough to visit this weekend.

The furniture store is attached to the hair salon, and it's across from the Piggly Wiggly. Just in case you're trying to go.  When my mom and I drove up to the store, it was colder and rainier than it ought to have been on the day before Easter, but we hopped out of the car and scurried past a bunch of rain-covered vintage outdoor furniture into a fairly large room just packed with furniture. There were dressers and tables and chests and file cabinets all stacked willy nilly in the first room, but my mom warned me there was more. This wasn't even the beginning.There was, however, a sock inside one of the dresser drawers in that first room.

Past the first room, through an open doorway was the big room. This room was actually more like a warehouse, and it was brimming with furniture, most of which was chairs. The room had its fair share, however, of beds, desks, dressers, bedside tables, mattresses, and even a vintage Corvette. That's right. A Corvette. Se below the photo for proof.

I included here some photos of some of the objects I found in addition to the Corvette. This place was truly a treasure trove. There was literally everything from a sombrero to a book about Michigan to a Corvette.

This last image is of some of the prints and patterns that were in the furniture store. There was so much in this warehouse of a store, I thought I could only really show you in pictures. If you live in South Carolina and you're in need of some chairs, I think this is definitely the place to go. As you can see in the first photo strip, there are actually chairs for days. 

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