Spinster Dinner: Peanut Butter

When you're a spinster, sometimes you have a hard time shopping for groceries. Since you're not answering to anyone for what you buy, the likelihood that you'll wander through the grocery store buying only frozen pizza and fancy gelato is incredibly high. When you get home, it's no big deal because your'e not responsible for feeding anyone but yourself.

This past week I actually grocery shopped pretty well, but somehow when I looked in my fridge and freezer, nothing was appealing. So, last night, after completing a seven mile run (I know. Can you even believe that? I had to tell someone.), I came home and took a shower in hopes that I'd think of something I'd really like to eat while I was there in the think tank. However, nothing came to mind.

So, in my bathrobe, I started the remainder of my night with a glass of white grape juice and a few pieces of dove chocolate. Realizing I'd need more sustenance, though, I could think of nothing I'd like better than a few delicious spoonfuls of Jif Peanut Butter. I mean, sometimes that's really all that will hit the spot. And just like any spinster would, I indulged my craving on the sofa in front of a few episodes of Lost

This, my friends, is why it is good to be a spinster. Peanut butter for dinner is not even a problem. Also, this is what #myfriendsaremarried has to say about it.

So, get that jar of peanut butter out, girl. And if you're feeling especially inspired, make it some Nutella instead. You're single and  you do what you want.

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