Friday, April 25, 2014

Spinster Shopping: Sandals!

shopping-for-sandals, sandal-collage
Hooray! It's Friday! And, since it's Friday, I figured you all may want to start your day or spend your lunch break with a little online shopping. Earlier this week, we looked at some fun beach towels, but today it's time to discuss something even more important to a spinster's daily life: Flat Sandals.

As a spinster, I find that flat sandals are really essential to my every day life in warm weather. Shoes should be both cute and comfortable, and today I've chosen a few sandals that come in bright, fun colors. As a bonus, all are $100 or under. So, check them out!

1. "Arielle" Slingback Sandal: $34.95, DV8 by Dolce Vida at Nordstrom

2. Flogg Noelle Flatform Sandal: $100, Urban Outfitters

3. Dawn Orange Nudette Two Strap Sandals: $84.66, Miss KG at Asos

4. Jungle Gladiator Espadrilles: $28.22, Asos

5. Sandal With Edging: $35.90, Zara

6. Shauna Huarache Sandal: $19.99, Target

7. Purple Flat Jelly Sandals: $28.22, Juju Seven at Asos

8. Minnetonka Maui Fringe Sandal: $53.00, Urban Outfitters

9. BDG Brighton Ankle-Wrap Sandal: $39, Urban Outfitters

10. "Valhalla" Sandal: $38.95, DV8 by Dolce Vita at Nordstrom