Springtime Spinstering: Beach Towels

Now that Easter has come and gone, I'm thinking more and more about spinstering out beside the pool at my apartment. In fact, in my Easter Basket, the Easter Bunny left me a monogrammed beach towel. It is bright and soft and so enticing.

Today, in honor of the approaching fabulous weather and sunshine and vitamin D, I've picked a few selections from the fabulous world of online shopping for your perusing  pleasure!

Here we go:

1. Dot Beach Towel: Lands' End, $39

2. "Here Comes The Sun" Beach Towel: Citta Designs on Amazon, $69.90

3. Irregular Stripe Beach towel: Tommy Hilfiger, $19.90

4. Chevron Beach Towel: Target, $14.99

4. (2 - apparently I think there are two fours.) Linea Ice Lolly Beach Towel: House of Fraser, about $23.50

5. Floral Beach Towel: JcPenney, $30

6. Linea Neo Geo Blue Stripe Beach Towel: House of Fraser, about $23.50

7. Ombre Towel for Two: Target, $19.99

8. Vera Bradley Beach Towel: Zappos, $35

9. Ombre Jacquard Beach Towel: Horchow, $34.90

10. Sand Dollar Beach Towel: Bed Bath and Beyond, $14.99

Happy shopping, sunning, and spinstering!

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