Sunday Spinstergram: Pig-n-Chik BBQ

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One of the best things about running outdoors is that it helps me get a good feel for my neighborhood. One of the restaurants I've been passing for months is Pig-n-Chik BBQ. Every time I've passed it so far, though, it's been a weird time for barbecue. Yesterday, though, after church I decided it was time. So, unsure of what to expect, I parked my car in the tight little parking lot of Pig-n-Chik.

The interior of Pig-n-Chik ha plastered with pennants and vintage advertisements with the occasional Pig-n-Chik tee shirt hanging on the wall. There are tables, booths, and even a fairly sizable outdoor seating area. 

Like in most Barbecue restaurants I've experienced, customers order their meals  at the front counter. Next to the counter is a glass case with various pigs, tee shirts, caps, and barbecue sauces. I ordered a small pork barbecue plate with collard greens and baked beans, gave the woman my name, paid, got some sweet tea, and went to find myself a seat. 

I chose a booth facing a flat screen TV that was mounted in the corner between the wall and ceiling, and sat to wait for my food. Sitting next to the window were two people talking about performing miracles as if it was a run of the mill thing. The woman kept saying things like "when I perform my miracles," as if it was no big deal. Her companion wasn't saying much at all. 

The woman who took my order brought my food around on a black paper plate and set it on my table along with my ticket. Oddly, the baked beans and Collard greens were on the plate in little styrofoam containers complete with their lids. Normally, sides are just served in their allotted indentations on the segmented plate. 

The meat was presented sauceless along with a thick slice of Texas toast, which, of course, I couldn't eat. The three sauces on the table were as follows: Mustard Based (Which I found to be sort of sub-par), SC Spicy Sauce (OK, but this sauce is never really my cup of tea, and what I suppose was the house sauce which was in a giant squeeze bottle. The squeeze bottle sauce was definitely the best. 

So, the verdict: The meat was good (tender, juicy), the sauce was good but not the best I've ever had, the baked beans were good, and so were the collards. The sweet tea was also good. Overall, I'd give it a 7 out of 10, but I'd go back. I have subtracted points for the absence of hash and rice because, in my spinsterly mind, that is by far the best part.

Stay tuned for more BBQ restaurants as I eat my way across Atlanta and potentially the state of Georgia as a whole.

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