Spinster Coloring Page

loungewear-flat-sketches, spinster-fashion, sweatpants-flat-sketch
Well, spinsters, it's Tuesday, and I think you know what that means. You made it through Monday, and that's saying something. Well, at least I think it's saying something. So, in honor of making it to tuesday, I've made you a coloring page. I feel like this is kind of a good reward, kind of like when your teacher let you do crossword puzzles in class instead of hearing a lecture. My 8th grade english teacher, Mrs. Thomas, used to let us do some pretty good crosswords on a fairly regular basis. However, that's another story for another time.

So, today's coloring page is loungewear themed, including glasses, a sleep dress, socks, a bathrobe, comfy underwear, a tee shirt, and sweatpants. Go ahead. Print it out. Color it with crayons, markers, colored pencils, blue and red pens, high lighters, or just chocolate smudges from your desk candy stash. I won't judge you. Bonus points if you tweet a photo of your colored-in page to @spnstrhddiaries or post it on The Spinsterhood Diaries Facebook wall!

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