Friday, May 30, 2014

Father's Day Coloring

Well, dear spinster, as you may know, Father's Day is approaching. As such, I've decided that if you haven't gotten anything for your dad yet, you might want some ideas. Today I've got some coloring pages for you to do in honor of father's day.

Before I say anything else, let's talk about how these work. you'll want to right click on the image you like and open the image in a new tab. That way you'll get it to be a larger size than it is in this post. Save the image to your computer, print it out, and color it!

Now, you may notice most of today's images are in a specific layout. Of course, there is a very good reason for this! One of the most common father's day gifts is a coffee mug. This year, though, you can color your own! I checked the suggested sizes for the Zazzle Classic White Mug, and these images are in the correct ratio/proportion to be used on the mug. So, save the image to your computer, print it out, color it, scan it back in, and upload it to Zazzle!

If you're not a spinster, this could be something really fun for your kids. They can color these like coloring books, and you'll have a cute, personalized father's day mug. I've made sure to leave some extra space on some of them (either inside the letters or outside them), so that extra drawings and love notes can be added as well. Of course, if none of these designs tickle your fancy, you can upload your own design, too! I just think that if you're going to give a mug, you might as well make it personal!

Now, perhaps your dad isn't a coffee guy. Maybe he doesn't even like hot tea or hot cocoa. I understand. It took me a while to learn to drink hot tea, myself. Zazzle (and now, unfortunately this is not a paid advertisement post...I just really love having stuff printed online) has a bunch of stuff you can personalize for pretty much any occasion. One that I don't necessarily suggest, though, is the Silky Polyseter Tie. However, if you're set on having a
personalized tie made, I've got you covered there, too. Here's a little coloring box that says "Dad" over and over and over. The print itself is very faint, but if you do decide to go with this one, I suggest you choose the "tile" option when you do the tie. It should turn out to look something like the below image. Enjoy!