Friday Fun: Desktop Backgrounds

cat-wallpaper, cat-desktop-wallpaper

Hooray! It's finally Friday, and I have a special treat for all of you. If you find yourself sitting at your desk this fine morning, you may want to consider a little makeover for your desktop. Each of these images can be downloaded and then used for your background!

The first image here is, of course, a cat print. It's a sort of a chevron made of cats. I thought it would be appropriate for we spinsters, but if you're not into showing your cat lady pride so much on your desktop, then you can find some other fun options below.

citrus-fruit-desktop-background, citrus-fruit-background

Now some of you may be wondering how, exactly, you're going to get this on your desktop. Others of you will already know. Just in case, though, I'm going to explain how to do this. 

Step 1: Right click (or command click if you're on a Mac) on the image and chose "open image in new tab."
Step 2: In the new tab, you'll see the image. If you hover over the image, you should get a little icon of a magnifying glass with a plus sign in it. Click this to enlarge the image.
Step 3: Right Click (or command click if you're on a mac) on the image and choose "Save image as..."
Step 4. Save the image to your desktop
Step 5: Go into your display settings and change your desktop background. If you're unsure of how to change your desktop background, click here for a PC how-to and click here for a Mac one.

Some of these backgrounds may look a little familiar to you from past posts. That's because they are! I just think that sometimes prints are too good just to live in a tiny little CAD. So, why not put them on your desktop?

And, of course, we needed a little lipstick. this one may be a little too optic. You be the judge. 

This one had to be added, of course, since marbling is definitely trending right now. Plus, this might actually be the safest background/wallpaper in the collection.

And this is the last one! I feel like I should mention that I was inspired by Lovely Indeed's  very lovely indeed desktop wallpaper posts. I hope you find something here that will brighten your friday at work! 

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