MMM: Pizza Lane

In my home town, we used to have a Pizza Inn franchise, but for some reason or other, the chain left, and the restaurant was renamed Pizza Lane.

I'm quite upset when I go to Pizza Lane now that I'm gluten free because their pizza is amazing. They have this really, really thin crust with the delicious crispy crust. The pizza's not even the best thing, though. The best thing is their french fries, which are just the right amount of wiggly and firm. Dip those bad boys in some ketchup, and you are good to go. My family usually orders two baskets for our table. The good news is, I can still eat the fries.

On days when the buffet is available, each meal can be finished off with a delicious little dollop of soft serve ice cream - with or without chocolate sauce. Of course I got the works. I know it's been a few days since I actually did this, but I just...I keep thinking about it and wishing I had some with me.

So, On an only sort of related note, I need to post this video. I'm posting it partly because the fashions are incredible, and partly because I actually want to try this...and I will try it! Check it out:
And don't be jealous of these outfits. When I make my tin can ice cream, I will be certain to dress in a very patriotic fashion. Bonus points for a zip front sweater vest.

Now, get yourself some ice cream!

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